BET Hip Hop Awards 2008

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Well unless your not that into blogs(they kinda spoiled the show for me) you were shocked, and tuned into the awards last nite. But if you are like me,*I was sleep*, you will catch them real soon as BET aires the re-run 50 million times this month!
In case you didn't know, the awards were taped over the weekend in Atlanta. Katt Williams told BET up yours, so T-Pain gladly took his spot as host. Rapper, The Game, didn't show up because his sister was shot in Compton (prayers go out to them). & Tiny didn't walk the red carpet w/T.I this time<--boy she got roasted last time, Steve Harvey even cracked on her style, or lack of.

So for everyone who missed it, here are some snippets:

Young Jeezy- Crazy World

T.I., Ludacris, B.o.B & Rakim

T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Luda

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