T.I. jingles for NBC & Says "I'm The Easiest Person To Kill"

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NBC is getting a bunch of musicians from various genres to remix the networks jingle in a re branding and promotional effort. NBC has also asked artists such as The Flaming Lips, BB King and Clint Black to all make their own versions. And T.I. is reppin hip hop in the effort.

I love it. Of course Tip brought his classy swagg & "A" game with him.

"No rapper has ever gotten killed and the crime gotten solved.....I'm the easiest person to kill."
- T.I. from the documentary Walking With Guns

This is important to me because with all the things going on with T.I. these last couple of years, people seem to come up with some of the silliest assumptions. And even this small snippet, helps you better understand his psyche.

Former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young filmed a documentary with T.I. entitled Walking With Guns.The hour-long film premiered last month in Atlanta. It includes extensive footage of the Grammy-winning artist visiting a rehabilitation hospital in New York to meet patients paralyzed by gang violence.
It was expected to begin being showed November 2nd..but it hasn't hit DC yet, i guess.

This seems to be a very interesting documentary....so request it.

Just For Giggles: Joe Budden TV, Sanaa vs Keyshia's sis, Floyd May Weather

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I haven't done this in a while...but what's a week without Joe Budden TV! And as usual Joey got mad jokes. "Baby got back..literally.." lmao

Also Keyshia Cole's oldest sis was at a club recently shooting the breeze with the paparazzi when.....Sanaa..well just watch the vid

And no matter what he's doing, Floyd Mayweather is always quite entertaining. Here he is talking shit.

But don't get it twisted, he can talk that good shit. Floyd dropped 30K in an Atlanta club last weekend!

Go head boy...pay them bills baby..I can't even hate!

Urban Lagniappe:Kanye w/Angie Mar, Arab Money Remix & More

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Lagniappe(Louisiana Creole French for a lil sumthin extra):

I posted this interview because it was deep and Kanye does a dope ass freestyle at the very end.
Kanye West w/Angie Martinez

Arab Money Remix featuring everybody and they momma!


Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne, Young Money-First Place Winner

Soulja Boy ft Sammie

My Ryan Leslie Experience

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If you don't know, I am V.I.P Boyz Affiliated and we had the delightful experience of catching up with Ryan Leslie when he visited the DMV the other night.
Ryan is one of those artist that's on my Co-Sign for 2K9 list. The performance was hawt and we even had the chance to kicked it with him....

Diamond Girl



Beef Must Just Be The Biznez: Grand Hustle Vs. Shawty Lo pt 13, 50 Cent vs Lil Wayne

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If you didn't know, Big Kuntry was arrested at the Dirty Awards, after throwing a chair on stage during Shawty Lo's set.
Shawty Lo responded to the controvesy via MTV the following day, basically saying he's not Flip but he and Tip aren't beefing. Alfa Mega also issued a statement and apologized for his role in the situation. But until now, no one heard Big Kuntry's side of the altercation:

Big Kuntry threatens to leak phone calls of Shawty Lo apologizing and gives his side of what went down at the Dirty Awards:

Shawty Lo's Response.....

Shawty Lo responds and says he ain't hard to fine.

Whoa......I'm speechless<- and that is a rare moment. It seems as if there are still some mixed emotions with-in both camps. Shawty disses Tip but in the same breath says he doesn't have beef with him.

We need to get Dr. Phil out there in Atlanta to mediate an intervention, because its looking like the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan.

And back to the beats- where all rap beef should stay!

Last year 50 Cents took, a not so subliminal, shot at Wayne in his song Part Time Lovers

Wayne responded with Gossip, which he premiered at the 2007 BET Awards.

Which many would argue that Wayne didn't go at 50 because he didn't say his name.

Where as 50 continuly tried to bait him:

"I've already baited Lil' Wayne to come on out so I can break his little neck," 50 says. "My consistency will break his neck the same way LL's consistency broke Canibus'."

"Lil Wayne is a talented rapper but not a great songwriter," he continues. "He has had great verses on other people's projects, but they were not his complete ideas over production that he picked. He's not marrying the right production and lyrics to make classic records."

50 Cent says,he can’t help but notice the similarities between Weezy’s summer smash “Lollipop” and his own 2005 hit “Candy Shop.” “‘Lollipop’” is ‘lick lick lick lick it like a lollipop,’” 50 told Rolling Stone, singing the verse to prove his point. “And ‘Candy Shop’ is ‘I’ll take you to the Candy Shop/ I’ll let you lick the lollipop.’”

If Lil’ Wayne out sales me, I’ll quit

Wayne's only verbal direct response was this:

“That n—a’s crazy, Wayne laughed. “I ain’t f—ing with 50. He’s too high up there. That’s my n—a, though. I respect that my name even came out the homie’s mouth. I just took it as a compliment. I would never go back at 50; he’s a trillionaire. I’m trying to get there, homie. I’m smart. I ain’t dumb."

And since that statement, Wayne's Carter III has gone damn near triple platinum. Mrs. Officer & Lollipop has the nation singing. And Wayne's breaking barriers daily.

So, has Wayne rethought his strategy and gone straight at 50's neck? You be the judge:
Lil Wayne ft Lil Boosie- Louisianimal

There are alot of conflicting stories, as to the origins of this song. It is off The Empire, The Drought Is Over Part. 6 (The Reincarnation)

Happy Turkey Day!!! New Footage: Jamie & T.I.

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Happy Turkey Day!! I see I'm not the only one working today->Jamie Foxx released his new video for Just Like Me ft T.I., co starring, flyy chick, Taraj Henderson.
Jamie Fox ft T.I.
Just Like Me
Official Video

So flyy!
As for me, I had a blast last night w/Ryan Leslie & Treysun at Floyd's! Kodaks & Footage coming soon!

Diddy Gives T-Pain Royalties For Auto-Tune Use

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There has been some recent buzz about the, now frequent, use of the autotune. Some would argue that before T-Pains recent success with tool, it hadn't been utilized since the late 80's. Others say it's always been around, T-Pain just made it mainstream. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, it can't be doubted that T-Pain's ,once unique, sound is being heavily used.

Well Diddy sides with T-Pain on this issue. In recent interviews, both have admitted that Diddy has paid T-Pain royalties for the use of the autotune.

Diddy told MTV at the TRL finale that he gave T-Pain one point on his up-coming album due to its heavy Auto-Tune influence.

"Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune," says T-Pain. "He signed the contract and everything. If I can do that with Diddy, somebody else better be signing something. It's Diddy. He didn't have to involve me at all. I'm writing and producing on his album, and he gave me extra royalties on top of that for using something I just brought back." T-Pain told MTV in a recent interview.

Well in case you doubted their statements, here is T-Pain, his manager & Diddy in the studio, finalizing his percentage.

This move of showmanship is anything but minor. So does this mean that everyone who has kareoked the autotune should, at least, credit T-pain or get like Diddy and pay him royalties?

The Angie Martinez Show w/Jay-Z, Jada Kiss

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Ms Martinez has been doing her thing for a while now...the majority of my short little life to be exact...and she now has her own television show on BET that preimeered the other day. Her first guest was Jay-Z. <-And that is major!

She also caught recently caught up with Jada Kiss on her radio show @ Hot 97.

If you didn't know Jada Kiss is admist a return to mainstream. His first single and video is featuring Ne-Yo.

Jada Kiss ft Neyo By My Side

I don't care for it, because its so "Pop Ish". I like that hardcore Jada.
He's an phenomenal lyricist.

Mike Vick Pleads Guilty

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Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick pleaded guilty Tuesday to a state dogfighting charge in Virginia. A move many hope will make him eligible to leave prison early and potentially speed his return to the NFL.

According to Sports Daily Vick, 28, arrived wearing wrist and ankle shackles with his gray suit, but the restraints were removed by the time he entered his plea. The one-time Atlanta Falcons star also pleaded not guilty to a count of cruelty to animals, but that charge was dropped under his plea deal. He received a three-year suspended sentence—far less than the maximum of 10 years he could have faced. “I want to apologize to the court, my family, and to all the kids who looked up to me as a role model,” Vick told the judge. Vick’s mother Brenda Boddie, brother Marcus Vick and fiancee Kijafa Frink walked in together and sat together in the front row of the gallery with other family and friends. Vick’s mother declined to comment to reporters but Marcus Vick acknowledged the family was glad the ordeal was nearly over.

My Personal View: I feel as if Mike was railroaded by the judicial system and unfairly used as an example. And I wish him much success in the future and pray for his speedy release!

I AM KING- Diddy's Mini Movie

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Once again Diddy is on his mogul ish...

Diddy has a new fragrance out this holiday season, available exclusively at Macy's, I AM KING.
As we all know, Diddy takes a creatively different approach to everything. So I AM KING has mini-movie, not just a commercial and the regular fragrance campaign we are accustomed to seeing, A mini-movie entitled I AM KING.

The fragrance is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and all the men out there who take care of your families and respect and treat yourself like the Kings that ya'll are.

Well alright for Diddy, gettin his James Bond on...lol! That was hawt!

New Music Tuesday!! Styles P, Luda, Lloyd E-40

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Yep! It's my favorite day of the week-->New Music Tuesday!
And rap realeases have precedent today.

Kanye West- 808's & Heartbreak

Ludacris- Theater Of The Mind

E-40 - Ball Street Journal

Jahiem- Classic Jahiem

Slim ft Ryan Leslie

Neyo- Mad

Leakes & Singles After The Jump

Beyonce ft R Kelly- If I Were A Boy

Chris Brown- Froze

The Dream-Right Side Of Ya Brain

Styles P ft Fabolous
If i Die

Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & Lupe Fiasco
Forever (Remix)

Ciara- Fit Of Love

Lil Wayne ft Nu Jerzy Devils- Different Girl

Lloyd - Loverboy

Ne-Yo - I love u

My Daily Rant: Escaping The Paranoia

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You guys can think of my rants as diary post...read'em, skip'em, whatever.

I have a confession..not really a secret, but just an intimate thought. The other day I lost my cellphone and initially I was upset. But then I began to think...deeply..."What If You Don't Need It? What If You Need Some Solitude?"...So I stopped looking for it and I stopped calling people from the house phone. I have sentenced myself to solitary confinement; where as the only means of communication is via the computer.
I know..wierd, huh? But recently I began feeling paranoid as if everyone (family, friends, foes) were conspiring against me in someway. I didn't approach anyone with it...I did what I always do-->pay attention & keep it in. I started noticing inconsistencies in everything people said & did. But I continued to play my role. One person would tell me the secret the other person was hiding from me. And it just went back and forth. Until I lost my phone- now I feel free, in a sense. No lies, no half truths, no being bull shitted. You have to understand my psyche, I hate wasting time!--I could be doing something more fulfilling than listening to some bish lie to me.
The fuct part is I didn't say anything to anyone (mom, neices, friends)...which is not abnormal for me. When I left home this summer, it was at a moments notice. I called my best friend, gave her the key to my house, said she can have everything, and hit the road! No long sobby good bye's, no thoughts about my possessions..just the next time anyone spoke to me I was in DC. Why??Because I have a low tolerance for Bull Shit! And even with this paranoia, I trust my intuition because it's always right.
Maybe no one means me harm, I'll give them all the benefit of doubt, but I'm going to go with the quote that has been on my mind: "The only people you need in life are the ones that need you in theirs".
So, solitary confinement until New Years! I think I need to make some changes in my life. And other peoples voices/problems/opinions would really distract me. Now, as for the types of changes...all of them revolve around mental strength.
1) I want to be healthier..NO- I'm not fat but I stray away from exercising & eating properly.
2) I want to totally rid my life & memory of my ex...*rolling my eyes* ..and its hard to do that with mutual friends and stuff. It's not like I can say "Bish don't say his effin name!"->because that's not what friends do. But I feel like I wasted a 8 1/2 years of my past and energy,so please don't drain my present and future!
3)I want to be the best at everything I do...or want to do.

And to accomplish all or any of those things I need to be focused. In order to focus...I need silence...and in order to have silence I don't want to talk to anyone!
So silence is my escape from paranoia

And as with everything...there is a soundtrack to the chaos....the song that keeps playing thru my thoughts.

Lost- Gorilla Zoe ft Lil Wayne

Shawty Lo Responds To Feud Via MTV

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I started to bet he was going to respond publicly. I knew this because he's a loud mouth who likes attention. So I'm gonna tell you what my crystal ball says Shawty will do next.....this incident just gave Shawty material for his next album and v-logg series..and his next single will be I Ain't Flip. I swear Shawty Lo & Jim Jones need to form a group -Hate Squad- and drop a hatin ass single.

"[Me and Tip's conversation] ended on a positive note with the conversation," says Lo. "I don't know where he is [with the beef]. I guess he just be talking. One thing about it, Shawty Lo ain't no punk. T.I. is just a rapper. He knows how to read a book good. Where I live is for real. I ain't got nothing against holmes. He's got family, I got family. I'm not trying to kill him, he's not trying to kill me. I got fans that love me. He's not gonna run all over me. I ain't Lil' Flip."

The Rest Of His Response:

Shawty Lo spoke to MTV this morning about last night's riot with Grand Hustle at the Dirty Awards.

Shawty Lo spoke to MTV this morning and gave his account of what happened.

"I didn't go and start nothing. If they rewind the cameras, they'll see how it started," Lo told MTV News. "I'm a man. I respect every man as a man. If a man disrespects me, what am I supposed to do? T.I. needs to contain his people. We're not standing down. I performed my music; 107.9 [one of the show's organizers] called me to perform. I didn't come to start no beef with him. I gave Tip a shout-out at the BET Awards."

Lo goes on to say that when he was performing, several Grand Hustle artists, most notably Alfamega, came to the front of the stage and started "mean mugging."

Lo says that after things started getting out of hand with chairs being thrown onstage, he and his crew went backstage where Lo says he ran into T.I. who immediately wanted to have a closed door meeting.

Lo says they both agreed to squash the beef in the meeting and shook hands.

"He told me the beef was over with," Lo recalled. "I said, 'If the beef was let go, me and you have to publicize it. We have to do it together.' He agreed to do that, and we shook hands in the back room."

Later, T.I. and crew took to the stage to perform Yung LA's song "Ain't I" where another altercation broke out between the two crews that left Alfamega under arrest and a member of Shawty Lo's entourage knocked out.

"[Me and Tip's conversation] ended on a positive note with the conversation," says Lo. "I don't know where he is [with the beef]. I guess he just be talking. One thing about it, Shawty Lo ain't no punk. T.I. is just a rapper. He knows how to read a book good. Where I live is for real. I ain't got nothing against holmes. He's got family, I got family. I'm not trying to kill him, he's not trying to kill me. I got fans that love me. He's not gonna run all over me. I ain't Lil' Flip."

Just For Giggles: Hot A$$ Mess! Hottie-

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This is for my everyone who follows me on twitter, which is connected to my facebook and those of you who heard my recap on We Got Next Radio @ Hip Hop Our Way. You all get twit-for-twit, play-by-play coverage of what I'm doing. So I was twitting from the Velocity Awards last week here in DC. And ya'll know I'm a clown, so ya'll thought I was exagerating about Shatar aka Hottie from Flavor Of Love. Well the proof is in the pics, baby!

Hottie definetly brought the foolishness on the red carpet.

However...It didn't end there!

She's a sweet girl, but she is fashionably senseless! And I am still LMAO!

Just For Giggles: Joe Budden TV

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Joe Budden is crazy as sh*t. This one is called "The Tightest Jeans EVER!!"<--and it's not because they're fly!lol

From Diss Videos to Award Shows- T.I. vs. Shawty Lo pt 12 (VIDEO)

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Oh Lawd! Getcha cousins......this beef between Bankhead rappers Shawty Lo & T.I. is getting heated.

Last night at the 2008 Dirty Awards in ATL several fights broke out between T.I.'s PSC/Grand Hustle/entourage and Shawty Lo's crew.


Like I told ya'll in an earlier post, Shawty Lo & Stuntman did a remake of Yung LA's song Ain't I and named it Don't I as a diss to T.I. Well, Lo performed that song last night at the Dirty Awards in ATL and all hell broke loose!!
Of course, I wasn't there, so I took accounts and videos from several different witnesses..and I bet my story is closes to correct!

Towards the end of the song, Lo proceeded to deliver his T.I. diss acapella. An audience member identified by an eyewitness as Capitol recording artist Alfamega, allegedly threw a chair onto the stage. At that point, witnesses say another artist signed to the T.I.-helmed label stormed the stage, at which point authorities proceeded to break a fight.

This is Shawty Lo's performance of Don't I....

T.I. himself took the stage shortly after the fight to accept an award following, a reported private conversation with Shawty-Lo, in which the Grammy Award-winning rapper/actor allegedly insisted once again, that the two end their long-running beef. He proceeded to denounce the violence and negativity and assured the Dirty Awards audience that he did not condone the fighting.

Update: Whoa!! Gyant has the best video!!

Dirty Awards 2008 Battle Between T.I. and Shawty Lo from Gyant on Vimeo.

Shortly thereafter, however, a second fight broke out as T.I. performed his verse from "Ain't I," allegedly substituting some lyrics with verbal jabs at Shawty Lo, with whom he has had an unpleasant relationship throughout the year. Towards the end of the performance, another member of the Grand Hustle camp allegedly jumped off stage and assaulted a man witnesses said was Shawty Lo's brother.

This is Grandhustle's performance of Ain't I:

As you can or can't see the music dropped at Tips verse and part of the crowd went hysterical, while the rest were moving away from the pepper spray.

Police officers then halted the awards show, using pepper spray to end the fight. While the Dirty Awards audience was immediately evacuated, witnesses say other altercations may have occurred outside of the event.

So with all parties involved being from the hood...(me too)....you know this sh*t ain't over right? I hope somebody sets up an intervention. Because lawd knows, we don't need the drama.

*Update* Streetcred.com unofficially confirmed my story!

My Daily Rant: Blogging The Evolution Of Media

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This rant was inspired by the recent attacks on bloggers from artist, authors, and other blogger-haters.

Weblogs have been in existence since the early 90’s. At that point, weblogs were mostly kept as online diaries; where people kept a running account of their lives. At the turn of the century weblogs evolved.
In biology we learn about the evolution of man kind from Homo neanderthalensis
(Neanderthals), to Homo sapiens (modern man). We also learned of the second tenet of evolution, natural selection which is often termed “survival of the fittest” or “elimination of the weakest”.

The evolution of weblogs was similar to that of man kind. The name was simplified, blogs. As popularity increased and technology advanced, the blogosphere grew as more sources for hosting were created. With that growth, ease of use and the availability of computers in society, blogging has become a primary source of news media.
Many news media sources, such as print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages): have turned to blogging as a more efficient means of circulating the news. Blogging is efficient and cost effective because events can be reported as quickly as it can be typed for a fraction of the cost. And unlike journalist, bloggers don’t have a code of ethics, so one’s personal opinion can be included.
The availability of blog software and host sites has created a median for anyone to become a blogger and to some that has blurred the line between professional journalism and blogging. But does that blurred line ensue that one source is of less importance than another? Or does it show the evolution of media into something less distant? The answers to those questions depend on how you view change.
In order for anything to survive (people, businesses, animals, genres of music, cultures, etc…) it must adapt to its environment. Lacking the means to adapt would bring on the elimination of the weakest.
Which brings me to my next point; Media, like all things, must evolve in order to be interesting and competitive. And media’s evolution includes blogging as a respectable median. We are long from the days of the “Ask Abby” columns in the Sunday paper. We are now at a place in time where there is a demand for the opinion of Sally & Sue down the street daily, on a wide range of subjects from entertainment to technology.
Bloggers are relatable, which is a characteristic people look for in an artist of any craft. And most don’t solely focus on the negative aspects of their perspective field; they highlight and embrace all aspects, which is inclusive of the bad. A blogger not reporting the mishaps would be equivalent to a sports commentator not reporting a fumble during a football game.
The recent attack on bloggers by journalist, authors and rappers is what inspired this article. So to all the blogger-haters who have attacked and scrutinized bloggers for their blatant honesty: Bloggers are just as essential to your culture, product, brand and campaign as running a billboard or radio ad. So embrace the evolution and new voice of media- The Blogger.
-Shasta Brown

It's Ye' Day->Kanye That Is!

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Today 808's & Heartbreak is in a store near you and is available on Itunes.

The above pictured cover is available on Itunes today and will be in stores December 16th as a special Christmas packaging. The cover was created by world renowed grafitti artist KAWS.

More Kanyenisms:

In regards to Rihanna:

West recently made statements in regards to Britney Spears not being more worthy than Rihanna to recieve the European MTV Award for Act of 2008.

"Im not trying to diss Britney or anything like that," says Kanye. "One of my favorite songs last year was “Gimme Gimme.” Like, I love that record. But I just feel like Rihanna had a really breakout year and became the biggest artist… like Rihanna sells more records than me all together if you include her in national sales and she is arguably the biggest artist in the world right now."

On his newest artist to G.O.O.D Music, Mr. Hudson:

"Ah, he's an incredible artist," West said. "I believe Mr. Hudson has the potential to be bigger than me, to be one of the most important artists of his generation. ... He's playing these songs, he's playing them back-to-back-to-back — 'Dude, I'm telling you, your problems are not going to be getting hit records, blowing up and being a big star — your problems are going to be living real life, and dealing with real life, so just prep yourself.' Everything I hear [from him] is a smash."

Mr. Hudson is a white soul singer from the UK. West says that everything he's heard from the singer so far has been a hit.

On Wayne:

At last nights AMA's after winning Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist, Kanye decided to give his award to Lil Wayne.

"I'm a fan of music," said West. "I got my opinion. And I want to give this award to Wayne, for this year. If it was last year, this would have been my award. This year's Wayne award; we'll see what happens next year."

Kanye also won Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album.

Wow...life has truly humbled Kanye in so many ways. You can tell by his most recent commentary that he is a different person. I couldn't imagine the Kanye of The College Dropout giving anything away or explaining his previous statements to anyone.

Just For Giggles: Reno 911 does ATL Housewives

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I know I'm one of very few people who haven't seen ATL Housewives, but I am an eccentric fan of Reno 911! And here's their parody of the Bravo show.

lol...i like...

Weekend Scope: AMA's, Jail Bait, Weezy Dates

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It's Monday......Again!
Well this weekend wasn't all that interesting, but I'll make the most of it.

The AMA's went down this weekend<--WOW..Whatta Bore!-->I like suprises..and they are always so drab and mundane.Beyonce's performance looked as if it were straight off the video. Rihanna was fly as usual, but performing just isn't her strong point->she just looks cute. Chris Brown was shocked shitless that he won over Coldplay. Neyo had a stellar performance. And Kanye wants to be like Elvis<--WTF?? So here are the performances and pics that matter.

Beyonce -Single Ladies

Leona Lewis-->She's Fly!- Better In Time

Kanye West- Heartless

Rihanna- Rehab

And my favorite Honarary Sister Pink


Rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller, was granted a new trial and judge as well.
According to NOLA.com, Judge Martha Sassone has set a January hearing for Miller's case amidst accusations of preferential treatment for the rapper which resulted in Sassone losing her re-election bid in Gretna.

The in-coming judge, Jefferson Parish School Board member Ellen Kovach, will remove herself from the case when she assumes her position due to her criticism of Sassone's handling of the case.

C-Murder is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 16 year old Steve Thomas, on Jan. 12, 2002, at the now defucnt Platinum Club, in Harvey, LA.(Westbank, NOLA)

He was convicted of the charges in 2003 but after a series of hearings on the case, Sassone granted Miller a new trial.

If he is convicted again he will face a mandatory life sentence.

Miller's retrial was originally scheduled for October 14th but his lawyer Ron Rakosky asked that it be postponed until as soon as possible after the November 4th election. It is now expected to take several months before another jurist is assigned.

In more jail related news, Remy Ma has filed for an appeal. With high, far fetched hopes of being released for Christmas.

Remy was sentenced to 8 years at Rikers, May 13th for shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph, her bestfriend, after a celebration of Remy's birthday at a nightclub in New York's meatpacking district on July 14th, 2008.

According to TMZ.com, Remy's legal team believes her trial was filled with mistakes including, according to court documents, unfairly attaching Remy to gang assaults that had gone down at the nightclub where the shooting occurred. Lawyers are also calling into question the judges instructions to the jury.


Wyclef Jean's, Miami home is being auctioned off for failure to pay his mortgage. Talk about a recession!
According to TMZ.com, the home will be sold off by Miami-Dade county due to Wyclef's failure to pay back over $2 million on the mortgage.

The dates for Lil' Wayne's up-coming tour featuring T-Pain, Keyshia Cole, Gym Class Heroes and Keri Hilson have been announced.

The tour kicks off December 6th in Rochester, New York at Blue Cross Arena and wraps up January 3rd in Hampton, Virginia at Hampton Coliseum.


December 2008
6 - Rochester, NY - Blue Cross Arena
14 - Miami, FL - American Airlines Arena
18 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center*
19 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center*
21 - Universal City, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk
23 - Oakland, CA - ORACLE Arena*
26 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena*
27 - Chicago, IL - United Center/WGCI Big Jam
28 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center/Power 99 HollaDay Jam
29 - Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum Complex
30 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
31 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena*

January 2009
2 - Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena
3 - Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

Dates with an asterisk are the ones that will feature all of the previously mentioned artists

Oh and Karrine "Superhead" Steffan's issued her "Bow Wow Blog" which proved to be the epitome of a waste of 6:44, not because she was redundant, but because she was smut.
She drawled on for nearly half the ish about bullshit bloggers being nosey-->*sarcasm* WOW! I'm super offended! A bullshit author has turned her nose up at me. Damn it! Just when I found my niche....*rolling my eyes*

Question: Why make a spectacle of your life, your sex life to be more specific, then become disgusted when people watch?

That's like inviting someone to dinner and saying "You can't eat!".Bish please!

Flyy or Fuct?? Wayne's New Sound- "Hot Revolver"

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One of the questions that has been burning a whole in my mind is, What will Wayne's new sound, sound like? Will it fuse genre's? Or is it a half ass effort?

Well, in a recent interview with Ozone Magazine, Wayne somewhat answered that question.

"It’s not going to be totally rock, it’s just going to be more than the music I’m used to and you are used to hearing me do. I don’t want to put no category or title to identify it..it’s just a lot more.."

Here's the complete interview, however it's hard to understand.

But my overly inquisitive mind wasn't satisfied, at all.
So here's a new feature on the blog called Flyy or Fuct, where as you guys vote on whether something is cutting edge, the next big thing and Flyy. Or whether its an idea that should have stayed just that- Fuct. And heres our first Flyy of Fuct- Wayne's newest leak entitled Hot Revolver.

In case the player acting funny:

Me personally, I like it-->But I'm the same person who listens to everything from Tim McGraw to Coldplay to UGK..EVERYTHING!

T.I. Testifies In Cincinnati

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T.I. testifies in the murder trial of his bestfriend, Philant Johnson.

Whoa...I'm watching now and I'll update soon.

28 minutes long

*Update* After my review..he didn't snitch..and he didn't see shit!
I think he did the right thing. Cuz LAWD knows if ya eff's w.my brothas or BF's..I'm all in....takin the stand and all!

Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne- Turning Me On

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I must contest..Keri looks great! And YES, she is on my Co-Sign for 2k9 list!

Damn..Bigga Is The Richest Couple In Hollywood

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Imagine that, Beyonce and Jay-z tops the likes of, Will & Jada, Dave & Victoria, Tim & Faith, and Bradgelina for Forbes Top Earningest Couple of 2008.

The Carter's grossed $162 million between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008. While the Smiths took in $85 million over the same period of time.

Well alright for black love! Owning the #1 and #2 spots on Forbes.

Dirty Jimmy Covers COMPLEX & Delivers More Haterisms

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I so started not to post this..but what can I say..its a slow day!

Rapper, Jim Jones covers this months issue of COMPLEX Magazinene. Inside he disusses Pray IV Reign, Swagger and you've guessed it-->Jay-Z.

You’ve said that there’s no more Rocafella, but Kanye has had great success, and he still claims the Roc.
Jim Jones: I don’t know if he’s actually with Jay-Z from the looks of things. From what I’ve been seeing from since we were signed until now, I think Kanye actually hates Jay-Z. [Dame Dash interrupts:] No, he actually does. He hated Jay-Z ever since he wouldn’t give him a fucking Rocawear chain in Chicago! I’m telling you.

Jim Jones: I don’t know if the song “Big Brother” was correct, but he might’ve hated him since he didn’t give him those tickets to Madison Square Garden.

Damon Dash: This was before that. He was already in full hate by that time. [Laughs.] This nigga [Kanye] was like, “Wow, he ain’t going to give me the chain.” I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That shit cost $40,000! I told Kanye, “Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!”

To read the rest from Hate Squad 2K9 click HERE.

Dirty Jimmy also did is Hip Hop Musical, Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones, which I also didn't post....

But todays your lucky day.

Is rap going mainstream? Finally!?!

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Rappers have been making rounds on mainstream television quite a bit this year....KUDOS to the world for finally realizing that this little fad they call Hip Hop is not that, its a culture and we're here to stay!!-->Excuse the rant!

Snoop visited Martha Stewart and showed of his skills in the kitchen.

As usual the Dog Father kept it hood.

Atlanta native, Big Boi hit up Chelsea Lately<--the funny chick that grabbed T.I.'s buns..

Urban Exclusive: Foxy Brown- Bust It Anywhere (Rikers Island)

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Whoa-->Urban Exclusive Baby--> Foxy Brown- Bust It Anywhere ft Louie Rankin

Foxy @ reggae star Mavado's concert in Queens, NY.

Don't call it a come back baby...One of the hottest femcee's in the game just ripped this track up! Did ya'll hear Fox touched on everbody from T.I. to Kim-->Whoa?!?

This joint is straight from the streets!
I told ya'll if it's hawt & exclusive-->I gotcha!

Diddy To Make An Appearance On CSI; Wayne Blazes The Rock Charts

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Wow..Diddy is taking his acting really seriously.

According to CBS, Rap Mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs has agreed to make a two-episode appearance as a prosecutor. The network also says Combs character doesn't get along with Lt. Horatio Caine.

CBS said that Diddy's episodes will air mid to late winter.

Diddy drew praise for his role in the ABC movie A Raisin in the Sun.

Nelly, has had a recurring role this season in CSI: New York.

Well alright for rappers transitioning to other forms of entertaintment.

Speaking of transitions, fellow New Orleanian, Lil Wayne is holding his place on the Rock charts. Weezy's smash hit, Lollipop, was covered by Nashville rock band, Framing Henley for their new album the Movement and is currently blazing up the charts.

Here's their video:

I'd Wrock It Wednesday!!!

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Here's my first I'd Wrock It post of the day! I've been leaving my ladies high & dry in the fashion department lately...I've featured tons of exclusive tennis from Nike to Creative Recreation and so forth, but I haven't done quite as many stiletto lovers post. So this one is for ya'll!

I was browsing one of my fellow bloggers page and found love at first sight!

This is the Miu Miu two toned strappy bootie.

Ardesia (gray) and black suede. Zip closure at back ankle; buckled ankle strap w/Covered stiletto heel.

You know a shoe is bad when Neiman Marcus says this:
Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days.

So shout out to Shoe Whores Unite for this fabulous find!

This bootie is bad on so many levels-->A Bad Shoe Game is Bad Bitchism 102<--But that's next week!

B.S. Report->Bow Wow is Not Karrine "Super Head" Steffan's Baby's Daddy!!

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I don't know what it is about today, but I feel like squashing all the Bull Sh*t A$$ rumors I've heard lately. Sooo next up on the Bullshit Report is Superhead being pregnant for Bow Wow!

If your on twitter.com, and following Karrine, you would have noticed this odd looking tattooed chest as her avatar...and if you watch her videos on Karrine.com- you would have noticed- she's knocked up.

And being the attention loving diva she is, she hasn't devulged the identity of her husband or baby's daddy. But she does drop hints to no where to keep herself relevant. (side bar: I like Karrine..but a spades a spade!)

So undoubtedly Bow heard of the speculation and released a snippet from his upcoming mixtape, which totally smashes the Karrine-Bow baby ideas. Here's a snippet from the song ''ON MY MAMA'' :

hear these rumors about Superhead
Boy y'all funny,
I wrapped it up like a Christmas gift
I ain't no dummy

So that's the Bullshit Report..Case closed..Bow wow practices safe sex and Karrine's Baby Daddy's identity is still a mystery!

Update4rm: KarrineSteffans ALERT: Yes ppl, I know about Bow's song & if you'll notice, it has been removed. I'll discuss in the BOW WOW BLOG later this wk <--Wow!

B.S. Report-> Brandy & Tyrese Aren't Dating!!

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I knew this was Bull ish when I heard it....Tyrese & Brandy->that's why I didn't post it...

But any hoot-> Tyrese has released this statement:

“Brandy and I have been the best of friends since we were 14 years old. She's one of the most talented friends I have...
I would never date her - it would be like dating my sister.
"It was a simple lunch amongst friends... I love her like family but the rumors of us dating are really old." says Gibson, who is married.

The two were photographed Sunday at L.A.'s Westfield Century City Shopping Center, triggering rumors of a long lost romance.

Brandy also maintains she is single.

"I haven't dated anybody in three years," says the singer, whose new album, Human drops Dec. 9.
I love me some Brandy-->She can do no wrong in my book! I replayed her cassette repeatedly!<-Yes juvies, there was music before CD's--lol