My Daily Rant: Blogging The Evolution Of Media

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This rant was inspired by the recent attacks on bloggers from artist, authors, and other blogger-haters.

Weblogs have been in existence since the early 90’s. At that point, weblogs were mostly kept as online diaries; where people kept a running account of their lives. At the turn of the century weblogs evolved.
In biology we learn about the evolution of man kind from Homo neanderthalensis
(Neanderthals), to Homo sapiens (modern man). We also learned of the second tenet of evolution, natural selection which is often termed “survival of the fittest” or “elimination of the weakest”.

The evolution of weblogs was similar to that of man kind. The name was simplified, blogs. As popularity increased and technology advanced, the blogosphere grew as more sources for hosting were created. With that growth, ease of use and the availability of computers in society, blogging has become a primary source of news media.
Many news media sources, such as print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages): have turned to blogging as a more efficient means of circulating the news. Blogging is efficient and cost effective because events can be reported as quickly as it can be typed for a fraction of the cost. And unlike journalist, bloggers don’t have a code of ethics, so one’s personal opinion can be included.
The availability of blog software and host sites has created a median for anyone to become a blogger and to some that has blurred the line between professional journalism and blogging. But does that blurred line ensue that one source is of less importance than another? Or does it show the evolution of media into something less distant? The answers to those questions depend on how you view change.
In order for anything to survive (people, businesses, animals, genres of music, cultures, etc…) it must adapt to its environment. Lacking the means to adapt would bring on the elimination of the weakest.
Which brings me to my next point; Media, like all things, must evolve in order to be interesting and competitive. And media’s evolution includes blogging as a respectable median. We are long from the days of the “Ask Abby” columns in the Sunday paper. We are now at a place in time where there is a demand for the opinion of Sally & Sue down the street daily, on a wide range of subjects from entertainment to technology.
Bloggers are relatable, which is a characteristic people look for in an artist of any craft. And most don’t solely focus on the negative aspects of their perspective field; they highlight and embrace all aspects, which is inclusive of the bad. A blogger not reporting the mishaps would be equivalent to a sports commentator not reporting a fumble during a football game.
The recent attack on bloggers by journalist, authors and rappers is what inspired this article. So to all the blogger-haters who have attacked and scrutinized bloggers for their blatant honesty: Bloggers are just as essential to your culture, product, brand and campaign as running a billboard or radio ad. So embrace the evolution and new voice of media- The Blogger.
-Shasta Brown

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