AKOO In Stores, November 15th

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The wait is over people, Akoo will be in a department store near you on November 15th. Just in time for Turkey Day & Christmas! So look out for the fox baby.
I haven't seen a confirmed listing of stores, but my tarot deck says- Macy's & DTLR.
Damn I wish Tip would cosign something for the ladies..I'm jealous!

Via myspace.com/trapmuzik

via FreddyO

Whoa!! Superhead's looking for a Tour Assisant

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That's right folks...so lace up your footwork and get your knee pads
ready....Karrine has finished her latest book- The Viven Manual and is preparing for her two week book tour. The book will be released July 2009.

KarrineSteffans ALERT: Get your resumes & best photos ready! The Vixen Manual Tour's Assistant Search starts tomorrow!

KarrineSteffans ALERT: Resumes, photos AND a 3 minute video detailing why you think you can handle being on tour with me. Have them ready by tomorrow!

For more details hit up Karrine.com

I wonder what type of brain work this position requires? <- no punt intended.

Did He Really Say That??"Shout out to the slave masters!"- Soulja Boy

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Once again, Soulja Boy Tell'em puts his foot in his mouth! And really, this time--he's making Ice T's commentary look about right. This fool said "Shout out to the slave masters!! Without them we'd still be in Africa"
That was his response when Toure, from BET asked him- Who Do You Hate Most?? Some people said Bin Laden, Hitler, Slave Masters...

The Full Story from Toure'

WTF??? I don't know what they were teaching down in good ol Mississippi-- but in Louisiana and probably in most places across the country, we learned that the slave masters didn't bring us here- they purchased us,enslaved us, humiliated and deegraded us as a people!

Bid Em In-

Does he know why we have Affirmative Action-to redress negative effects of actual or perceived, past or current discrimination that is regarded as unjust by relevant legislative bodies--> In lamens terms- because 400 years of slavery crippled our people! The years of laws being formed preventing us from having the same luxuries and liberties as other ethnicities, crippled us!

Got damn...Pleassee get him a publicist and send him back to High School because it's ignorant statements like that...that kill Hip Hop.

Between him and Yung Berg...I just gotta ask -->Does Money Make You Dumb?


New Videos

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Lil Wayne ft Bobby V- Mrs. Officer
In Stores NOW!

Keyshia Cole ft Tupac- Playa Cardz Right
In Stores December 16th.

Akon ft Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy- I'm So Paid
In stores November 25th.

T-Pain ft DJ Khaled- Kareoke
In Stores November 11th.

Team Obama- Mariah Carey: Why I'm Voting for Obama

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And my day wouldn't be complete with out me doing my civic duties of campaigning for Barack Obama.

So check out this snippet from Team Obama--Mariah Carey: Why I'm Voting for Obama

Me too Mi-Mi--I Baracked The Vote yesterday!!! And you should too!

Before I Self Destruct-Trailer, Angel Lola Loves Rap Debut, and "Where Ya Been-Mya & Lauryn Hill"

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Rapper/Actor/International Asshole- Fifty Cent has an album coming soon entitled, Before I Self Destruct. Being the over achiever he is, He also has a movie by the same title.
Here's the trailer:

Also in G-Unit news...Angel Lola Love's Rap Debut as Lola!

DC Stand Up!
That's right...so everyone thinking she was just Fiddy's arm piece at the BET Hip Hop Awards...You were wrong!
Lola is taking Olivia's place as The First Lady Of G-Unit!

Angel FIRST announced that she was rapping and possibly being signed to G-Unit as their female rapper almost a year ago when she appeared on Rap City with host Q45.

Here’s an exclusive record from Haitian Fresh featuring Pleasure P and Lola (formerly Angel Lola Luv).

Click the pic above for the full track or the video below for Angel's snippet.

Now doesn't that squash the rumors of her and Fiddy from the BET's redcarpet!

Where Ya Been???

Mya's new album cover…

The album will be released exclusively to Japan on December 3rd courtesy of Manhattan Records.

The CD’s first single ‘Paradise,’ will hit itunes Japan on November 5th.
Do you see a trend in todays R & B--> When you flop at home..go over seas!

Going a little further back in R & B History....

Where Ya Been???

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn and 4 of her five kids were spotted out-and-about in William & Sonoma in New Jersey....Gosh I miss the Lauryn of the Miseducation days

Brandy & John Legend Do TRL, Nelly & Ashanti Do Wicked, T.I. Votes, and more!

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Yesterday, Brandy and John Legend were on TRL Promoting their proects.

Brandy performed Departed- looking gorgeous, might I say.

Ashanti and Nelly pose at the 5th anniversary of "Wicked" benefit at the Gershwin Theatre on October 27, 2008 in New York City.


T.I. Votes:

No it's not me, there just isn't a day that goes by that he and Wayne aren't in the news! Talk about staying relevant.

Via Press Release
With his prior difficulties with the law, TI made it his point to emphasize that, while he thought he was ineligible to vote, others needed to get out to the polls to make a difference in their lives and their communities. Recently, he did further research on his own and discovered he was, in fact, still eligible to vote. Going to the polls early this morning in Atlanta, Georgia, was a transformative experience for him.

“Feels like I’ve taken advantage of my right to become a part of the democracy,” declared Clifford Harris aka T.I.. “It was definitely worth standing in line and doing all the things people complain about voting. I think it’s more than worth it.”

“The significance of T.I.’s leadership should not be underestimated,” emphasized Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President/CEO of HSAN. “T.I. has emerged as an effective national leader, inspiring millions of young people to vote in the 2008 elections. “

“T.I. is an inspiration to us all, showing that you can overcome anything,” concluded Reverend Yearwood. “He has become our Harry Belafonte of the 21st Century.“

Speaking of T.I....and Wayne...

T.I. and his fiance aka his "situation" were at Strains in ATL this week and so wasToya Carter, Wayne's ex wife, and Joy Bryant- Lyfe Jennings baby momma--So I entitle this pic:

Baby Momma's Unite

Jamie Foxx's New Album???

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Like I was totally clueless as well!!
Seems as if Jamie Foxx is working on his third studio album- Man's Intuition. What's even more shocking is the album is scheduled to drop December 16, 2008. <--Who Knew?

On this album Jamie will reveal his struggles with women.

The first single from the album is "Just Like Me" featuring T.I.. And I must say I've listened to it five times already-->It's smokin!

Beyonce, Powerhouse, Soul Men Premiere, Chilli does UPSCALE..

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Beyonce and her mom- Tina Knowles premiered the Cadillac Records inspired House of Dereon dress line at Bloomingdales in NYC.

Mrs. Carter was also her husband's suprise guess at the Powerhouse concert. Bey shimmed on stage giving the crowd a snippet of her single "Single Ladies" and flashing her ring.

Oh yeah, speaking of Powerhouse in NYC... the talk of the town was Will Wayne Show. O--Yes he did!!

Word is that Jay-Z had a talk with Wayne in regards to him being a No Show @ Powerhouse in Boston.....as sources are saying Wayne opted out the show at the last moment because- he doesn't do metal detectors. Which is quite believable because he also didn't perform at Fashion Rock's for the same reason.
I am a Wayne head--so the self-proclaimed Martian does no wrong in my book, but word on the grapevine is that Wayne is missing shows left and right due to intoxication<--which sounds like B.S to me-> because people live high..so don't blame the drugs and word from Wayne's camp is-> he isn't as high as the media portrays him to be.

The Premiere For SOUL MEN kicked off this week- the movie will be in theateres everywhere this FRIDAY!

Soul Men stars Samuel L Jackson, the late Bernie Mac and the late Isaac Hayes.
Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, the movie is about the reformation of a legendary soul singing band after the death of their leader.

The Premiere had a nice turn out- John Legend, Malik Yoba, Bernie Mac's wife and Daughter......

Chilli of TLC is featured in the upcoming issue of UPSCALE magazine. I wonder what's up with her album...at one point it was all buzz and now..not so much...

Talk about aging well...gosh

I'd Wrock It Wednesday!!!

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This week the one celebs closet I'd raid would have to be.....Rihanna,

Did you see her in the "Live Your Life" video-> HAWT!

Just adorable!Loves me some Ri-Ri...

I know ya'll have seen these ads pop up every where..GREATGLAM.com...The Best Online Store being the curious person I am....the dress loving woman I am....I did the unimaginable..I CLICKED IT!
Sure did!! And suprisingly enough, there are some cute designs..the only thing that scares me about online shopping is the material. I'm a touchy-feely person, so when I shop I have to like the way the material feels.

This is a cute little club dress! As far as dresses are concerned, I am attracted to unique and bold cuts. And that's why this one jumped at me--> Cute in the front and the back.

The Footwork:

This is a BCBG peep toe ankle bootie. And it is fierce! Accented w/two gold adjustable buckles and a smooth leather outsole.

The Bag Game:

MICHAEL by Michael Kors: Black patent leather satchel. goldtone hardware. Shoulder straps.

We look Hawt! Don't cha think?

Nancy Grace Carved Balfour's Mom A New A$$hole.

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The mother of the "person of interest" William Balfour was a phone in guest of Nancy Grace. Ms. Balfour repeatedly tried to over talk Nancy and give her sass--Well let's just say Nancy wasn't having that ish!

-"Let me set you straight"
-"You said everybody"

Whoa! Go Ms. Grace--there is a sista somewhere with in you! She gets *2 snaps*, ya heard me!

My President Is Black-->Barack The Vote!!

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I voted today...HOW ABOUT YOU?

Every generation has its movements and its motivators--> This is ours! Our great grand parents had Megar Evans, G.W. Carver. Our grand parents had Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. And our parents had Al Sharpton(BOO)....well they had the opportunity to elect some of the first black mayors in to office in major cities- Carl B. Stokes- Cleveland, Dutch & Marc Morial-New Orleans, Maynard Jackson Jr.- Atlanta. The point is, we all have causes that are relevant an unforgettable that transcend time and electing the FIRST African American into presidency is ours. Not only because he's black, but because he is qualified, he's a democrat and the other option on the ballot..well lets just say--it's too much of the same ol politics.

A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama worked as a community organizer and practiced as a civil rights attorney before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

He's a democrat...sorry the nation has failed miserably as an all republican nation for six years (Both house were majority republican for that amount of time plus the republican wack job we call a president which = a republican nation). And we won't even speak on the destruction that having 8 years under a republican president has caused- how many lives destroyed by greed, war and stupidity!

This is my "Go Barack" post. And believe it or not--> I am in good company!

Team Obama

Diddy says "Ain't No Line, Too Damn Long!"

And he has his twins talking to ya'll!

Usher's New Video- Hush

Jeezy, Game Common, Kids In The Hall, etc...


My first lady, Michele O, was a guest on Jay Leno Monday. Just like her husband, she too is very personable and well spoken

Barack The Vote--> Or don't complain!

The Video Scope: T.I.

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In case you missed it, T.I. was on BET's access Granted where he gave up all the goodies behind the scenes and priemered his new video Live Your Life. Wanna See It?, Here It Go! Thank You Drive Thru!
T.I. ft Rihanna- Live Your Life
Directed by: Dave Malley
Produced by: Just Blaze
This action packed thriller is like a snippet from a Max Payne movie. I had to watch it 3 times to totally grasp the end(which is the beginning)<--yes I'm a short bus passenger.
But non the less it hot shit and it in some way re invents the song- for me.

I started not to post this, but it was funny as shit, so why not!
T.I. recently was on the Chelsea Latley show...I know he's been on every damn show-right! Well if you don't know who Chelsea Lately is, just know she's funny as hell, so trust she had Tip showin all 32's while he discussed his"SITUATION", his forth coming jail stint and his kids.

Seems to me Ms.Lately trynna add some sugar to Tips cappiciono! Heyyy--> I ain't even mad at her.

Diddy Calls Out The Stars 4 Obama

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Whoa!!!! In the latest Diddy Blog..or whatever you call it--Diddy has called out the stars---Star Jones, Tyson Beckford, Rocsi, June Ambrose, Mary J. Blidge and Many More!!

Barack The Vote People!!

T.I. on The Tyra Banks Show

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Watch as Tyra acts as if she didn't prep at all for this interview. She doesn't know what the rubberbands are for, about T.I.'s bestfriend/personal assistant Philant being murdered in Cincy or about Tiny!

I don't believe her...I think she's just flirting on the low! What do you think?

Joe Budden TV: Pow Wow 2

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Well, well, well Joe Budden is on his Video Blog Grind!! In his most recent Joe Budden TV exclusive he has a "pow wow" with Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5'9 and Crooked in regards to a possible upcoming project as a SUPER GROUP--whoa....Hip Hop Heads REJOICE!!!CHURCH!
Now peep the Vid:

Comedian D.L. Hughley's CNN Premiere

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Yeah boy!! This is the funniest ish EVER!!! CNN gave Comedian D.L. Hughley his own show. CNN announced Wednesday that it will premiere a new, "unconventional" weekend show hosted by comedian D.L. Hughley. "D.L. Hughley Breaks the News," as the show is currently titled, will feature Hughley's humorous take on the week's events.

"D.L. is a news junkie who is bursting with things to say about what is going on in the world -- most of them funny, all of them thoughtful, none of them predictable," said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. "When you watch as much news as our audience does, there comes a time you just want to stop and laugh -- and that time will be Saturday nights at 10 on CNN." CNN reps say.

The show premiered this weekend and is off to an awesome start.

So your wondering what was Hughley's first assignment?? Interview Palin supporters at a republican rally ,of course.
And D.L. did not disappoint!

Gosh her supporters are just as clueless as she is!
"Palin/Hughley 2012" LMFAO

The Music Scope: Ryan Leslie, Wale, New Releases & More

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Today is New Music Tuesday! And I am excited about several things.

Today Grammy Award winning artist, John Legend releases his third studio album Evolver. Green Light ft Andre 3000 was the first single for this joint and it was well accepted.(it was aight)

And in UnUrban News--> Pink's Album drops today<--I loves her!

Initially this was going to be a Homegrown Scope where I featured it as a tribute to the DMV's up-in-coming artist, but nah, New Music Tuesday can have this.
The next thing that was semi-exciting to me was this new joint Wale featuring Xscape...No they're not back, it's a sample.
Wale ft Xscape- I Will

I like...

And then there was Ryan...Aw Lawd..this man is a genius!

I feel silly for not having been on him sooner--> so I'll just co-sign him, or jump on the band wagon!

Ryan Leslie was/is a producer the man behind the sounds of Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Cassie, JoJo, Nina Sky, Danity Kane, Loon, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Donell Jones, Katharine McPhee, New Edition, One Chance, B5, Cheri Dennis, Latif, Megan Rochell M. Pokora and LL Cool J. His production expertise spans oer many genres. Leslie attended Harvard University in the fall of 1994 at 15 years old and graduated at the age of 19 with a degree in Government and Economics.
He decided to come from behind the scenes and give us all The Ryan Leslie Experience. Talented is an understatement- Ryan Leslie is a genius.

Ryan Leslie- Gibberish

Urban Exclusive: A Sneak Peek @ Major Harris

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T.I. & Tiny's youngest son- Major Harris

Aww this is the first we've seen of Lil Major since he was born back in May. Almost makes me want one.....*reality check-they cry too*....I'm over that sensation.

But isn't he adorable- I love'em Chunky! And this is the ONLY pic I've seen so far--> come on Tip we wanna see the baby!

What a Kodak Moment--> Loves IT!!

Diddy's "UnOfficial Girl" Cassie Addresses U Haters!

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That's right...she addresses you haters--> cuz I don't give a damn who she bangin!

Cassie has been the center of numerous atacks this year in regards to her talent (or lack there of) and her being all under Diddy. So hears what she has to say about all that:

Get'em girl...

But Diddy must have some serious "WoodWork", above he is pictured with his then girlfriend/Baby momma and jumpoff Cassie!?!-->who said pimpin was dead!? :)