My President Is Black-->Barack The Vote!!

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I voted today...HOW ABOUT YOU?

Every generation has its movements and its motivators--> This is ours! Our great grand parents had Megar Evans, G.W. Carver. Our grand parents had Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. And our parents had Al Sharpton(BOO)....well they had the opportunity to elect some of the first black mayors in to office in major cities- Carl B. Stokes- Cleveland, Dutch & Marc Morial-New Orleans, Maynard Jackson Jr.- Atlanta. The point is, we all have causes that are relevant an unforgettable that transcend time and electing the FIRST African American into presidency is ours. Not only because he's black, but because he is qualified, he's a democrat and the other option on the ballot..well lets just say--it's too much of the same ol politics.

A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama worked as a community organizer and practiced as a civil rights attorney before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

He's a democrat...sorry the nation has failed miserably as an all republican nation for six years (Both house were majority republican for that amount of time plus the republican wack job we call a president which = a republican nation). And we won't even speak on the destruction that having 8 years under a republican president has caused- how many lives destroyed by greed, war and stupidity!

This is my "Go Barack" post. And believe it or not--> I am in good company!

Team Obama

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My first lady, Michele O, was a guest on Jay Leno Monday. Just like her husband, she too is very personable and well spoken

Barack The Vote--> Or don't complain!

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