Behind The Scenes With The Dream

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The Dream has been working hard on his sophmore album, Love Vs. Money, which will be released March 10th.

I like an artist and a producer....but when's the Weezy collabo????

Chess Vs. Checkers.....T.I.

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“I haven’t seen it but, we all know dude,” he said of Fif. “We all know his intentions, we all know his motives. We’ve seen this too many times before. You know, I play chess, not checkers, you dig? I ain’t even trippin’ off of that. At the end of the day, I’m more worried or concerned about what a man says to me or what a man does to me, not what he says or does in the eyes of the public.”

- T.I. via XXLMag

So is Tip being the bigger man.....or avoiding a challenge.

New Videos:Lil Wayne, Busta, etc

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But 1st...Lil Wayne's Prom Queen-->Teaser

Arab Money Remixesssssss- Pt 1 & 2 (lawd they are pimpin this track...)

Young Jeezy- Circulate

DJ Drama ft Snoop, Akon & T.I.

Jada Kiss- Can't Stop Me

DC's Cover Girl

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Wow! Lola has been grinding- acting, modeling and hitting the studio real hard in preparation for the release of mixtape- Welcome To A Boss Bitches World. And I must admit, the few tracks I have heard she murdered them.

Ready Or Not- Lola

Lola is also featured in the March 09 issue of XXL. In the article she speaks on her transition from model to rapper.

From one boss bish to another....Gettem girl.....

New Video: Blame It On The Alcohol- J.Foxx

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Good Day Dudes!!!!

Check out the video for the club banger by Jamie Foxx f. T-Pain. This video has mad cameo's!

I'd Wrock It: MCM Assouline Campaign

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MCM(Mode Creation Munich)recently unveiled their latest campaign- Assouline. And during my blog tour I visited What's Haute and almost died....because I would so rock that satchel!

Spotted @

And also for my ladies because I've been neglecting ya'll, these limited edition Nikes are off the meat rack!! Especially the gold ones. And Yes you can rock a bad ass satchel with tennis!

Specially made for the female consumer, the “Skinny” Dunk is Nike Sportswear’s offer for the female who loves authenticity that fits with her wardrobe. For this particular collection, Nike Sportswear hooked up with legendary French textile designers Paule Marrot Editions.

These will be available Summer 2009.
Spotted @

Happy Mardi Gras Fam!!!

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Oh Shad has finally made a song that is stuck on my mind!! And the video is HAWT as well!

You Can Get It All- Bow Wow

F*ckin For Tracks Is So Real.....

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After months of avoiding the obviously unavoidable question, Ryan Leslie finally opens up about his relationship with Diddy's jumpoff, Cassie.

In case you don't understand, Ryan wrote and produced Cassie's first album. And she is currently signed to Bad Boy thru Next Selection. Ryan recently broke things down on an interview with VladTV.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.....
Spotted @

Darn R.Les has been incredibly busy, he sat down with Angie Mar this past week and discussed everything from credit, to the economy, to dating.

I love this guy!! Truly talented....

Happy Birthday Rihanna

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Today pop star, Rihanna turns 21 and is admist the biggest scandal of her career, the demise of her very public relationship.

Cover Girl, Pop Star, Barbanian Beauty are just some of the roles Rihanna commonly played. But now she is the face of Domestic Violence. As of 7:00pm last night, the nightmare that pop star Rihanna has been going through, not just since the Febuary 8th incident, but since she initially decided to deal with the temperment of an abuser, took a turn for the worse.

TMZ, in cooperation with LAPD, illegally released a photo from the night her boyfriend, Chris Brown, assualted her. This photo confirmed what many who have had experience with domestic violence already knew, it wasn't the first time- it was the worst time.

From Boy Star 2 Porn Star!!

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Former B2K member, Raz-B, whose gov't name is De'Mario Monte Thornton is the latest former teen star to trail off in to an exotic lifestyle. Or should I say erotic. According to various sources, Raz has joined the ranks of Mr.Marcus in the adult film industry. He now has a profile on Adult Space, which is a raunchy Myspace.

The images are NSFW....At All!
Click Here
Whoa!!! Raz is working with a monster!!!

The last we heard of Raz- B were when the allegations of rape/molestation against B2k's former manager were brewing. And now this. Is this another attempt to stay relevant? Or his inner, scorned, child crying for help?

Solange Collaspes

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Last night, Solange Knowles had an incident on a flight. The R&B songtress passed out. Citing too much Nyquil. Damn girlie what are they putting in Nyquil these days??????

R&B star SOLANGE KNOWLES was admitted to hospital when she collapsed after downing flu pills on a flight out of New York on Tuesday night (17Feb09).
Beyonce’s younger sister was treated by medics after taking the capsules onboard a plane and suffering an adverse reaction to the medication.
Her muddled mental state was laid bare in a series of bizarre postings on social networking website which she uploaded during the journey.
But three hours into the trip, her messages suddenly stopped after she complained of feeling sleepy - and three hours later she logged back on to the website to tell fans: “Woaah…… How’d I end up in the hospital?”
Knowles is believed to have been heading back to her home in Los Angeles after attending the opening of an Armani store in New York on Tuesday evening.

Immediately after coming back to a clear state of mind Solange posted these twits(twitter post) about the incident:

“I’ve never passed out before. S**t was like the movies. People standing over me saying ‘hello’… My mom is the best. LOL (laugh out loud). She’s like ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with this girl, she need some water and rest… Pull up the car!’ LOL
“I’m like still in shock. I’ve never passed out before. Think it was the nyquil too. I felt weird when I woke up. This has been the day from hell. I’m done with the second IV. I just want to get in the bed and lay with (son) Julez. That’s all I want.
The singer later confirmed she had been released following treatment, writing: “I’m out! yay!… they let me go….. Rest. Water. Rest. Water.”

Kanye West & T.I. Amongst GQ's 10 Most Stylish

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For the March 2009 Issue of GQ, the magazine took the liberty of interviewing its 10 most stylish men. On the list were hip hop's elite Kanye West, T.I. and Justin Timberlake. (Yes J.T. is Hip Hop-->In case you didn't catch him on BET!) And each of them gave style tips to the Swagg Impaired.

“At photo shoots, people are always tryingto put that fucking Day-Glo suit on me: ‘Kanye West is gonna wear this Day-Glo suit.’ No, Kanye West is not! I might wear a Day-Glo pocket square. Or socks. But I’m a normal human being! Kanye West is not your hanger. With this outfit here, I wasn’t trying to say anything—it’s just what appealed to me. It’s instinct: color. Fabric. The way it feels on you. I feel like the outfit was a 95 percenter. I had on the mid-cut Common Projects. But as soonas I got home, I’m looking at the low-cut Common Projects, and I’m like, ‘That would’ve looked better. Maybe they can do something with that in Photoshop.’”

“Every morning, I start with my shoes. Usually, I have a pair that I just know I wanna wear, and from there I put my shirt with my shoes, my pants with my shirt, my belt with my shoes and my shirt. I have real basic, old-school, classic style, homey. I’m still a Polo kid. I still like my pants to fit a certain way. I got first-grade pictures of me in suits. So I guess the fact that more formal stuff like blazers is acceptable in hip-hop these days…I could take a little credit for that.”

Justin Timberlake can—and will—wear nearly anything. But he’s discerning. He’ll sport a trench coat, for example, but only if it fits just right. “You don’t want to look like Inspector Gadget,” he says. And as an L.A. guy, he loves a T-shirt. These days he goes for simple graphic ones that can be dressed up or down. His vintage tees, though, have mostly gone the way of his trucker hats. “I used to have an amazing collection,” he says, “but Jess and my cousin Rachael have pretty much grabbed them all.”

New Music Tuesday

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Womp! Womp! It's a truly uneventful I'm skipping the New release because they are GARBAGE!

Here's the new video from T.I. and J.T- Dead And Gone

Welcome To Heartbreak- Kanye West & Kid Cudi

B.O.B- Generation Lost

And there aren't any really interesting leakes today...what can I say...this week is lame as a mofo! But enjoy the vids...

Just For Giggles: Obama Can Do Whatever He Likes

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Initially I thought this was gonna be corny...but its kind of cute

Chris & Rihanna: His Official Statement

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This is my FIRST Chrihanna Post.....not for lack of interest but because NO ONE knows the Truth. And I believe there are always 3 sides to any story- His, Hers & the Truth.

Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person. Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writing under my name are frauds.

This incident has attracted alot of attention and some are saying it is the end of his career<--which I doubt.Many of his endorsers have dissociated themselves from the star, but I feel he'll have one hell of a comeback.

MTV is doing a documentary on this once fairy tale relationship.

New Fresh 1 From DRAKE.

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You can now exhale....with out further adeau Drake has given the world his new mixtape-- So Far Gone.

Since everyone has such short memories, allow me to remind you that Drake is on my New Era 2K9 list. And everything he does is nothing short of perfection.

Check out Drizzy's blog.

I'd Rock It: Pastry Spring 2009

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The Simmon's Sisters strike again with another vibrant and beautiful Pastry Collection. And they look SUPER HAWT!
The Urban Scope

New Music Tuesday

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I've been slacking lately on the Hip Hop releases, mainly because it has been rather uneventful this past month. However this week is a good look for R & B fans everywhere with releases from 3 truly talented individuals.

India Arie “ Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics”
Led by the singles “Chocolate High” and “Therapy,” India Arie’s new album becomes the first release under her imprint Soulbird/Republic. Musiq Soulchild and MC Lyte are among those who join Arie on this effort.


1. Intro - Grains
2. Therapy
3. Psalms 23
4. Chocolate High
5. He Heals Me
6. Interlude - Grains
7. Pearls
8. River Rise
9. Yellow
10. Better Way
11. Interlude - Grains
12. Long Goodbye
13. Ghetto
14. The Cure
15. Outro - Grains

Bobby Valentino (Bobby V.) - “The Rebirth”
The first release for Bobby V. on his label Blu Kolla Dreams featuring the lead single “Beep” feat. Yung Joc.


1. The Rebirth
2. Make You The Only One
3. Hands On Me
4. My Girl
5. Butterfly Tattoo
6. Just Me & You
7. Beep
8. 3 Is the New 2
9. You’re Not Alone
10. Be My Love
11. Dance The Night Away
12. On The Edge
13. Make You Say
14. Stay With Me
15. Another Life
16. Give Me Your Heart

Ryan Leslie “Ryan Leslie”
The debut album from Next Selection star Ryan Leslie, featuring the singles “Diamond Girl,” “Addiction,” and “How It Was Supposed To Be”.

1. Diamond Girl
2. Addiction feat. Cassie & Fabolous
3. You're Fly
4. Quicksand
5. Valentine
6. Just Right
7. How It Was Supposed To Be
8. Irina
9. Out Of The Blue
10. Shouldn't Have To Wait
11. Wanna Be Good
12. Gibberish

New Leakes

Lil Cease ft Busta & Fabolous
Talk Go Through Us

New Videos:

I Love College- Asher Roth

Want It Need It-Plies ft Ashanti

I'm On A Boat- The Lonely Island ft T-Pain

Slow Jukin- Young Stef

Letter To Big: Jada Kiss & Faith Evans

50 Just Won't SHUT UP!

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Being the bully he is, 50 has yet again subliminally--well directly--took a shot at yet another rapper. After tarninshing Rick Ross's career last week, throwing Foxy Brown in the cross, 50 has picked on his friend/adversary, Kanye West once again.

Gosh, Can 50 be relevant for something other than talking about

Grammys In Review

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I know I'm late as a mofo...but um---> No one on the net will break it down like MOI!

The highlight of the Grammy's for me, other than the scandals, was that fellow New Orleanian Weezy F Baby was nominated for 8 Grammy's, two of which he competed with himself for, and walked away with FOUR!

And he was there with no one other than Nivea, his girlfriend.

The city was blazin for ya Wayne--on 504 Radio.
Lil Weeziana

T.I. arrived with his fiancee', Tiny, who rocked this awesome Herve Ledger dress.

T.I. And Justin Timber Lake

And the crew that I have dubbed The Grammy Family- Kanye, Hov, Weezy, and T.I. did their first ever, live performance, of the Grammy Award Winning song, Swagga Like Us ft an obviously pregnant, M.I.A. .....She's a soldier, because yesterday was her due day and she swagged it out!

The Grammy Family- Swagga Like Us

Jennifer Hudson also walked away with a Grammy for best R & B album, for her self entitled album.

With all the beautiful things that ensued last night, the award show was damn near over shadowed by the drama of Chris Brown being arrested for fighting his girlfriend, Rihanna. Here's video of Chris turning himself in:

Although details are scarce at this point and the authority's wouldn't release the name of te victim, it was clear to many of us that it was Rihanna. Chris and Rihanna were both nominated and scheduled to perform last night, but both seperately withdrew.
So as I get it, I'll let you hit it!

T.I.- Road To Redemption: Episode 1

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This is the 1st episode of T.I.'s Road To Redemption, which preimeres on Tuesday.
<a href="" target="_blank">T.I's Road To Redemption Ep. 101</a>

It's a great show....truly indepth.

T.I.'s Trailer, Rumors, & Photoshoots

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This past year has been nothing less than an amazing balancing act for Rap Superstar T.I.. Tip has managed to balance a hectic tour schedule for his multiplatinum album Paper Trail, completed over 1000 hours of community service, dedicate time to his family, film an MTV documentary and manage several business- including Grand Hustle Records. This type of showmanship and success has led to rumors swirling about T.I. becoming the next president of Atlantic Records since the promotion of executive Julie Greenwald to chairman and chief operating officer of the label. This is what T.I. had to say when confronted by Sway of MTV news.

Tip is just one of Hip Hop's hottest, performing at the Grammy's tomorrow night. He recently had this to say about the long awaited first ever, live performance of Swagga Like Us.

T.I's Road To Redemption Starts Tuesday!!! And here's the first episode trailer.

And here are some flixs from his Blender Mag photoshoot with his youngest son Major.
The Urban Scope

This week T.I. and J.T shot the video for Dead & Gone.
The urban Scope

Hopefully the video is more exciting than those pics....and doesn't Major look like Tiny's twin....WOW!

Neyo Speaks On Recent Altercations

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The Gentleman, Neyo, recently chatted it up on Big Boy's Neighborhood. Neyo discussed everything from the gay rumors to groupie love to Jim Jones.

Ne-yo visits Big Boy's Neighborhood (talks about Gay Rumors and Louis Vuitton) from qdeezy on Vimeo.

The GAME Chimes In On 50-Ross Beef

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This beef with 50 & Ross has been all the buzz this week. 50 actually merked Ross's career, by airing out his personal life and exposing him as a fake. Ross responded with a a video for his 50 diss, Mafia Music.

Which was a lame response.

Ex-G Unit artist The Game gave his 2cents on Kube93, with Fast Eddie Francis.

I agree with Game, 50 is taggin that ass Ross!