Kanye West & T.I. Amongst GQ's 10 Most Stylish

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For the March 2009 Issue of GQ, the magazine took the liberty of interviewing its 10 most stylish men. On the list were hip hop's elite Kanye West, T.I. and Justin Timberlake. (Yes J.T. is Hip Hop-->In case you didn't catch him on BET!) And each of them gave style tips to the Swagg Impaired.

“At photo shoots, people are always tryingto put that fucking Day-Glo suit on me: ‘Kanye West is gonna wear this Day-Glo suit.’ No, Kanye West is not! I might wear a Day-Glo pocket square. Or socks. But I’m a normal human being! Kanye West is not your hanger. With this outfit here, I wasn’t trying to say anything—it’s just what appealed to me. It’s instinct: color. Fabric. The way it feels on you. I feel like the outfit was a 95 percenter. I had on the mid-cut Common Projects. But as soonas I got home, I’m looking at the low-cut Common Projects, and I’m like, ‘That would’ve looked better. Maybe they can do something with that in Photoshop.’”

“Every morning, I start with my shoes. Usually, I have a pair that I just know I wanna wear, and from there I put my shirt with my shoes, my pants with my shirt, my belt with my shoes and my shirt. I have real basic, old-school, classic style, homey. I’m still a Polo kid. I still like my pants to fit a certain way. I got first-grade pictures of me in suits. So I guess the fact that more formal stuff like blazers is acceptable in hip-hop these days…I could take a little credit for that.”

Justin Timberlake can—and will—wear nearly anything. But he’s discerning. He’ll sport a trench coat, for example, but only if it fits just right. “You don’t want to look like Inspector Gadget,” he says. And as an L.A. guy, he loves a T-shirt. These days he goes for simple graphic ones that can be dressed up or down. His vintage tees, though, have mostly gone the way of his trucker hats. “I used to have an amazing collection,” he says, “but Jess and my cousin Rachael have pretty much grabbed them all.”

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