The Video Scope: T.I.

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In case you missed it, T.I. was on BET's access Granted where he gave up all the goodies behind the scenes and priemered his new video Live Your Life. Wanna See It?, Here It Go! Thank You Drive Thru!
T.I. ft Rihanna- Live Your Life
Directed by: Dave Malley
Produced by: Just Blaze
This action packed thriller is like a snippet from a Max Payne movie. I had to watch it 3 times to totally grasp the end(which is the beginning)<--yes I'm a short bus passenger.
But non the less it hot shit and it in some way re invents the song- for me.

I started not to post this, but it was funny as shit, so why not!
T.I. recently was on the Chelsea Latley show...I know he's been on every damn show-right! Well if you don't know who Chelsea Lately is, just know she's funny as hell, so trust she had Tip showin all 32's while he discussed his"SITUATION", his forth coming jail stint and his kids.

Seems to me Ms.Lately trynna add some sugar to Tips cappiciono! Heyyy--> I ain't even mad at her.

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