Brandy & John Legend Do TRL, Nelly & Ashanti Do Wicked, T.I. Votes, and more!

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Yesterday, Brandy and John Legend were on TRL Promoting their proects.

Brandy performed Departed- looking gorgeous, might I say.

Ashanti and Nelly pose at the 5th anniversary of "Wicked" benefit at the Gershwin Theatre on October 27, 2008 in New York City.


T.I. Votes:

No it's not me, there just isn't a day that goes by that he and Wayne aren't in the news! Talk about staying relevant.

Via Press Release
With his prior difficulties with the law, TI made it his point to emphasize that, while he thought he was ineligible to vote, others needed to get out to the polls to make a difference in their lives and their communities. Recently, he did further research on his own and discovered he was, in fact, still eligible to vote. Going to the polls early this morning in Atlanta, Georgia, was a transformative experience for him.

“Feels like I’ve taken advantage of my right to become a part of the democracy,” declared Clifford Harris aka T.I.. “It was definitely worth standing in line and doing all the things people complain about voting. I think it’s more than worth it.”

“The significance of T.I.’s leadership should not be underestimated,” emphasized Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President/CEO of HSAN. “T.I. has emerged as an effective national leader, inspiring millions of young people to vote in the 2008 elections. “

“T.I. is an inspiration to us all, showing that you can overcome anything,” concluded Reverend Yearwood. “He has become our Harry Belafonte of the 21st Century.“

Speaking of T.I....and Wayne...

T.I. and his fiance aka his "situation" were at Strains in ATL this week and so wasToya Carter, Wayne's ex wife, and Joy Bryant- Lyfe Jennings baby momma--So I entitle this pic:

Baby Momma's Unite

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