Flyy or Fuct?? Wayne's New Sound- "Hot Revolver"

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One of the questions that has been burning a whole in my mind is, What will Wayne's new sound, sound like? Will it fuse genre's? Or is it a half ass effort?

Well, in a recent interview with Ozone Magazine, Wayne somewhat answered that question.

"It’s not going to be totally rock, it’s just going to be more than the music I’m used to and you are used to hearing me do. I don’t want to put no category or title to identify’s just a lot more.."

Here's the complete interview, however it's hard to understand.

But my overly inquisitive mind wasn't satisfied, at all.
So here's a new feature on the blog called Flyy or Fuct, where as you guys vote on whether something is cutting edge, the next big thing and Flyy. Or whether its an idea that should have stayed just that- Fuct. And heres our first Flyy of Fuct- Wayne's newest leak entitled Hot Revolver.

In case the player acting funny:

Me personally, I like it-->But I'm the same person who listens to everything from Tim McGraw to Coldplay to UGK..EVERYTHING!

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