Gucci & Louie Show T.I. NO Love

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That's right folks designers Gucci and Louis Vuitton have halted circulation of T.I.'s video "Swing Ya Rag".

After filming the video for his single 'Swing Ya Rag' off his new album 'Paper Trail,' it looks like T.I. will have to shelve the project after designers Louis Vuitton and Gucci revealed they were not excited about seeing their products in the video.

"We did it, and [the video] came out hot," T.I. said in a recent interview. "Louis [Vuitton] and Gucci started trippin' about it. They were saying we were infringing, in one way or another. They weren't happy about it. They didn't want it to come out. But it's hot, though." Despite the disappointing news about 'Swing Ya Rag,' T.I. is looking forward to releasing the video for his single with Rihanna, 'Live Your Life' and also hopes to work with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne to shoot a video for the hit single, 'Swagga Like Us.'

And before ya'll start yelling race or discrimination other artist such as Brittney Spears have had similar run ins with the designers.

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