Shawty Lo Brings The Foolishness

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Damn...Damn...Damn--> Here's the recap..over the summer Shawty Lo called T.I. out with a series of video's alleging he isn't from Bankhead...posting pics of Tip's highschool yearbook and so-forth and so on.

The beef died in September....Or so we thought! T.I. and Dro were featured on B.o.B's track Ain't I. Which has offended some folk in Bankhead--Stuntman (D4L) so they have responded with Don't I where Shawty calls T.I. a snitch and a trilogy of behind the scenes footage at Club Crucial- T.I.'s Club.

Let the foolishness continue *sigh*...

Don't I- Stuntman ft Shawty Lo

Behind the scenes Pt 2

I refuse to put all 3 parts because this ish is dumb as hell!

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