Breaking News: Kanye West Arrested....Again!

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Kanye West was arrested early this morning in London after allegedly assaulting a photographer.

According to The London Paper, Ye' was arrested around 1:10 am this morning after allegedly assaulting a photographer outside Tup Tup nightclub in Newcastle.

The photographer, Terry Blackburn, is claiming that he suffered cuts to his face and brusing after West pushed his camera into his face and yelled "Get the f***ing camera off him."

West was reportedly arrested three hours later at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead but was released. Kanye West will not be charged with assaulting the photographer.

Real Talk though...I feel for Kanye', it's as if fame is really taking it's toll in his life and people aren't understanding. It's a dilemma because he can't just do what he loves without being the target for the pappirazzi.

What do you think--> Should Kanye' be billed with the cost of fame?

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