It's Bey Season!

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Beyonce is all over the magazines, radio, television, and movie screens right now, so it is officially Bey Season.

Sony just released some more Sasha Fierce promo pics.

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So fierce! Gotta Love It!

Mrs. Knowles-Carter is also on the cover of the upcoming Seventeen Magazine. Within the issue Beyonce discusses the beginnings of her relationship with rap mogul, Jay-z, and there obvious age difference.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Beyonce discussed her mothers effect on her fashion sense.
Beyoncé’s sense of style comes from a source close to home – her mother Tina, who owned a hair salon and taught the young Beyoncé how to dress well and save money.

“She’d get us little jackets and we’d go to an art supply store and we’d get stones and glitter and we’d personalize a lot of our clothes,” Beyoncé, 27, said in an interview in the premiere issue of The New York Observer Style. “She taught me the importance of looking good and feeling good but also that beauty comes from within, because it fades.”


Beyonce' Covers the 1st issue of the New York observer as well.

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