Like Father, Like Son--> The Movie?

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That's right snitches....Lil Wayne and his Pappy have filmed a movie and revealed their plans with New Yorks Power 105.1 personalities Ed Lover and Free{<- Damn, Where U Been Free?} at the station's Powerhouse concert last week.
Birdman gave up the goods,
“Me and Wayne just finished this movie, Like Father, Like Son, that’s coming out in June and the album coming out at the same time,” Birdman said. “That’s what we do. Just me being myself. I just wanted to, it’s something we wanted to fund. It’s ours.” They didn’t want to spill the beans, but said the movie’s plot will be based out of their hometown. “So, it’s really what it is, like father, like son,” Birdman added. “Normal day growing up in New Orleans, you know. Hood rich.”

{New Orleans!!} And yes I'm going see just on the strength! Because other wise niethers acting impresses me...

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