Retraction: There may not be an "I Love Chilli"

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Praise The Lawd!! Praise The Lawd! It gives me great pleasure to say Chilli's reps have responded to the rumor in regards to her seeking love on national television.

"Unfortunately, we weren't involved with the casting company that started this rumor. Chilli is currently in talks with several networks on developing a series of lifestyle-oriented shows. We have not discussed her actually starring in a particular show. The casting company has misrepresented the theme." A VH1 insider adds: "Sounds like they're still shopping the show."

Praise The Lawd!! Praise The Lawd!
Cause I so don't want to see someone as classy as Chilli go into the same genre has Tiffany "New York" Pollard...No way!

Her reps also responded to questions in regards to Chilli's solo project, stating that there will be a follow up single by the first of the year.

In case you missed the first it go

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb by Chilli

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