Urban Style: Bad Bitchism 101- Bad Bag Game

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I was ranting and free flowing last night with one of my home girls and she was desribing her aunts swagger...She stays on her Bad Bitchism..and I was like what? and she said yeah I made it up but you know what I mean.

And oddly enough, I do!

Bad Bitchism is the way one carries herself...maintaining a cool head when faced with the most troublesome issues....being herself regardless of who's watching..and there are certain characteristics that put you in the category of a being a Bad Bitch.

And having a bad bag game is one of those things....what's an outit without accessories? What's a team without bench warmers? And dinner without dessert? Nothing

So here is a bad bag to me:

Gucci Babouska Shoulder Bag

'Babouska' large shoulder bag with single strap, detachable shoulder strap, snap and push lock closure, heart-shaped Gucci crest charms, fringe detail, studs, and inside zip and cell phone pockets in beige/ebony crystal GG with brown leather trim and brass hardware. 17.7"L x 15.7"H. Made in Italy.
$2,295.00 SOURCE

I usually don't care for signature bags. But this one is hawt! In an earlier style post I told you that fringe was the crave this season and Gucci did it with style.

HAWT!!<-- and yes, I'm taking donations so I can rock that bag->I kid..I kid-->Unless ur serious!LOL

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November 18, 2008 at 7:56 AM

I love this blog.

Do come visit some time.

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