Beyonce Roc's Giant & Brandy's Long Distance

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Not only does Beyonce rock the cover of GIANT, but she also opens up on her views of marriage and her admiration for her husbands stage prescence.

"My parents are tighter now than ever, but they've been through it all. There were times when they were together, times when they were apart. I learned that it's a lot of hard work, that it's more than a dress."

“Jay is so cool. He can just stand on stage completely still, and the audience will go nuts,” says Beyonce Knowles. “Me? I have to work it! I’m shaking it and throwing it and rolling around on the floor.”

Bey's issue of GIANT is on stands today.

R & B icon, Brandy has readied her 2nd single and shot the video.
Behind the scenes of Brandy's 2nd single Long Distance.
Directed by: Chris Robinson
Produced by: Philip Lawrence & Bruno Morris
And Brandy's latest video Long Distance:

The World Premiere

B-Rock looks amazing!!And is it me or does Brandy have a new sound?? Different, but flyy.

Keep In mind, its New Music Tuesday!!!My favorite day of the week! And instead of one humungous post..I'll give it to you as I get it! And look out for a new layout, coming very soon!

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