Colbert Humbled Kanye

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Colbert went in on Kanye again last night. He also addressed Kanye's twit with a catchy rap and pictures of the two together. Evidently, they met at the Emmy's. Stephen's album beat Kanye's on iTunes yesterday, so Colbert declared Operation Humble Kanye a success. And Al Roker declared him the voice of this generation.

Check this excerpt from Colbert Nation:

We did it, you guys. Stephen Colbert's Operation Humble Kanye worked. A Colbert Christmas (link opens iTunes) didn't hit the top of the iTunes charts, but it is now ahead of Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreaks.

To everyone who bought A Colbert Christmas, you've not only humbled one egomaniac and delighted another, you also helped out a lot of the needy families supported by Feeding America. Go ahead and take the day off. You earned it.

*Side Note* Some people need to lighten up and laugh a little, even if its at themselves. Life's too short to walk around with a stick in your dirierre.

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