Just For Giggles: T.I. On Howard Stern

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I know...I know..I left ya'll out in the cold yesterday, but this post is gonna make up for it.
Howard Stern is infamous for his raunchy interviews, controversial use of scatological, sexual, and racial humour. The self proclaimed "King Of All Media" recently had a chit chat with the self proclaimed "King Of The South". And believe me, it was by far the most interesting T.I. interview I've heard. The Shock Jock isn't holding back at all.

The interview touches on the same press points as the Tyra & Chelsey Lately, however Howard is a "G". He asked Tip if he was hittin Rihanna, because she is a nice piece of ass....lmao. This has got to be the funniest interview I have ever heard in my life.

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