Karrine's A Bloggin Bish...Kinda

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I said I wasn't gonna do another post on Karrine...yeah she was banished like Yung Berg is! But this ish was hiliarious, so I couldn't resist. And I'm doing my part for pushing the world to Twitter.

As the old saying goes: If you can't beat them, join them. And that is exactly what Karrine has done. It's no secret that Karrine "Superhead" Steffans loathes us bloggers.

*Sidenote* And it's no secret- I'm a bitch, so I don't care! What can I say I've been hated by badder bitches...

Especially with all the blog created negative buzz in regards to the paternity of the child she's carring, her next book and most recently, her lecturing college students.

Here were some of the headlines:

"Superhead Gives Brain At College"

"Bow Wow Says He Hit But Wrapped It Up"

So what does the video vixen turned author do? She recruits her own bloggers of course, duh! <--Nah, I didn't see that coming either...lol

Its a pretty good strategy. If there is no platform, or in this case, if you can't controll the type of publicity you get--> create your own! Karrine has created a blog dedicated to her twitter post. If you didn't notice, most of the static from the "Bow Wow Story", came from Karrine's own twits.

Here's the information on TwitCon:
TwitCon chooses three of Karrine’s Twitter community members each week to discuss hot topics direct from the community, bringing these short, sassy conversations to life for a broader audience...

In other words....some Karrine stans and blogger haters are going to shed positive light into some, other wise, meaningless messages(e.g NOW: watching y&r eating a whole pizza).

Check the latest from TwitCon:

Karrine’s Twitter Page…is completely and utterly insane! She’s a real person; not this persona that some media tries to make her out to be (Bloggers, in particular).

Karrine has been keeping her Twitter crew up to date with fascinating twits about her everyday life.


Lets face it, as much as Karrine hates bloggers, blogs maintain her buzz. The Karrine TV thing, has gotten really, really, really boring. Mainly, because she is starting to become less intimate. Which kills the concept because, most people watch those types of things to gather a better understanding of the person. The concept for most "celebrity" Vlogs, blogs, twits is to show a more personable side of that person.

Note to Karrine: (because home girl does read blogs) Except the free plugs and keep on moving hun!

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