The New Era: Co-Signs For 2K9

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For the past few months I've been contemplating a list of artist who are going to have a great year in 2009. I've reviewed list from XXL & a few other places and I feel as if they are lacking what the streets are really listening to. I feel those list are overly mainstream. The artist I've selected have mainstream potential and are developing quite a following. Some of these artist are signed, some are indie, but all of them are just different! I've been calling this list My Co-Sign for 2K9, but now, after a careful look and listen, we're going to call them The New Era. Each of The New Era acts have a distint sound and style that is lacking from the hip hop scene. Let me throw this disclaimer out there, because I know alot of singers, rappers, or entatiners, and very few made my co-sign- not for lack of talent but because my definition of an artist/star is so different. Everyone can sing, everyone can rap, everyone can write but very few have a prescence with in their craft that can create a movement. The New Era consist of artist that have a star-like prescence, to me. They have mastered their craft to a point that they can do what your favorite singer/rapper can, but better. So without out further adeau and in no particular order- The New Era.


It still amazes me that Drake didn't make alot of the mainstream list and he is so multi-talented. Young Money Affliated, Interscope signed.

Teyana Taylor

She is signed to Pharrell's record label, Star Trak Entertainment and is most notable for her debut single, "Google Me".

Keri Hilson

Keri is awesome!! And she is already making big moves, but some people still ask "Who is that??"!!Ya'll are straight sleep living! Hilson has been writing music for other artists since 2001, including Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher, and Ludacris. She is very versatile and so unique.

Treysun Da Kid

When I intially touched down in the DMV, I did what I always do-->Hit the club, a couple of underground joints. Because I feel you can't get a feel for an area with out hearing their sound, meeting their artist, and seeing who's the best. Treysun was that. Friday Night Mic Fight champ 18 consecutive times, 2007 Underground King and he produces much of his own music.


Gym Class Heroes

Alot of people may wonder why I would choose Gym Class Heroes over the other groups with similar throwback swag. Honestly, in my opinion they are making more moves than the others. This week they signed with Nappy Boy, which is totally major because T-Pain is whoring the game right now. Gym Class Heroes use live instrumentation.
They have collaborated with Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump on numerous occasions, notably for providing backing vocals on the song "Cupid's Chokehold." Stump also produced the majority of their album "The Quilt", which was released on September 9th, 2008.

B.O.B-currently signed under the labels of Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records. B.O.B has a truly unique and eclectic sound. The kid is going to do major damage in 09.

Ya Boy

A Calafornia native moving much weight on the internet! He is an independant artist with mainstream him snitches. Ya Boy is Black Wall Street affiliated. The Game took him under his wing. His affiliation with Game brought him a step higher in the rap game, as he began to collaborate with big name producers such as JR Rotem, Nu Jerzey Devil and Scott Storch. Pop star Britney Spears' then-husband Kevin Federline called upon Ya Boy to co-write songs[11] and appear as a guest on Federline's debut album Playing with Fire. Ya Boy was also featured in the Source magazine in September 2006 as the Unsigned Hype.
Peep this leak featuring T-Pain - So Mean

Corey Gunz is blazing the underground scene right now. I initially heard of him because he was on the 1st version of "A Milli". Word is Mack Maine wants hime to be Young Money affiliated.

Nicki Minaj

is Young Money/Dirty Money affiliated. And I have yet to see/hear a femcee with her level of skillset. Nicki has sex appeal and mean flow! Watch out bishes...

Not New Era, but NEXT

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