Weekend Scope:

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This weekend was truly uneventful....so lets make the best of it.

Plaxico Burress...the dumbass that shot himself in the club....is putting his house on the market. Incase you missed it, Burress shot himself and the governor of New York wants to make an example of him, so he is being prosecuted for illegal possesion of a firearm which means he's out of the NFL.

T.I. performed on SNL last night.

T.I.- Whatever U Like

T.I. & Swizz Beats

Him & Swizzy just compliments one anothers energy.

Soulja Boy covers Billboard. *yawn*

Joe Budden TV- Fuck New York

Damn Joey!! Evidently Joe Budden just left the club where Maino, Ron Borwz, Red Cafe and a whole bunch of New Yorkers performed and the crowd didn't show love. So Joe says--Fuck New York!

Kanye Spazez Out In Concert
A fan threw something on stage while Kanye was performing and Ye goes off while singing.

In case you didn't understand or thought your ears were playing tricks on you- Ye said he should eat shit and die.....lol

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