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It's a New Year Scopers and T.G.I.F !!!! And here is the latest in Urban Entertainment headlines....

This week opened with Lil Kim expressing her dissapointment to Hip Hop on the way she was portrayed in the biopic Notorious.

Well Biggie's mom, Voletta Wallace, responded via Esscence saying this:

ESSENCE.COM: (Laughs.) Definitely. Is there something you discovered about your son and his legacy while watching the film?

WALLACE: (Laughs.) I gained strength from it. There were things about him that I never knew that I wanted to see for myself on film. I saw a side of my son that I heard of but I haven’t accepted. I’m angered by certain things, disappointed and shocked. So this film taught me tolerance and to be less critical. I would love to speak to Lil’ Kim, because I need to ask more about this love relationship because I really didn’t like the way he treated her and I’m praying that that’s not it. Only she can answer those questions. She’s a sweet girl and I didn’t think she deserved to be treated the way he treated her, if that’s the case.

To little to late? Or do you think the two can find common ground after the big screen?

Jermaine Dupri Leaves Island Def Jam

After two years as president of the label’s Urban Music division, Rapper-Producer-Mogul, J.D. parts ways with with Island Def Jam. A move that many foresaw happening since Janet's departure from the label last year. Janet's Discipline album sold 428,000 copies, a career low for the icon. It is said that Dupri and Island parted amicably.

Speaking of splits......

R.Kelly Divorces his wife of 11 years, Andrea.

According to a statement from their lawyers, the R&B star, who was acquitted of child pornography charges in June, and his wife Andrea Lee Kelly will have joint custody of their three children.

Kelly married Andrea, who had auditioned as a backup dancer for him two years prior, in 1996. She went on to choreograph sets for his tours and videos.

Kanye Covers V-Day Vibe

Mr. Heartless covers the Febuary issue of VIBE

Kinda makes me wish I had a F*ck Valentines Day Party....And we blast 808's & Heartbreak....

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