Life Jennings->ARRESTED

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Singer Lyfe Jennings was arrested yesterday-->check out a snippet of the story from
Lyfe Jennings was arrested just moments ago in Smyrna, GA for firing off a concealed weapon and leading cops on a high speed car chase afterwards. No word on who he was firing at or why, but thanks to him being a convicted felon already, this ish is not looking good. And neither is his face in that mugshot since they caught him after he crashed his car. Lyfe has been charged with felony weapon possession by a convicted felon. And he also faces charges of attempting to elude police, discharging a firearm near a public highway, and refusing to take the sobriety test.

WOW....I'm at a lost for words! He was getting his O.J.-white-bronco on for real!! But as I get details I'll be sure to update this post

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