Run's House Spin-Off, Keyshia Coles B-Day, Randomish

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Well look what the cat dragged in....Rev Run's daughters have scored a spin off show to Run's House, appropiately titled "Daddy's Girls". The show will focus on their lives in LA. Vanessa's acting career, Angela's music career and their clothing and shoeline Pastry. The shoe is set to launch on MTV in 2009.

The girls hit up LA Fashion Week looking HAWT!!

Don't Call Tyrone...Call A Stylist

I am such a Badu fan!! I loved the dashekies and ish...but wtf is up with this get up!?!

Ms. Badu is preggers and should be glowing..but at the 2008 Spirit of Life Awards lastnight Ms. Badu was all but that! Come on Erykah...your baby daddy(Andre 3000) is a fashion forward man-->G.I.T (Get It Together)
Damn Keyshia's Knockin @ 30's Door

That's right Key-Key Cole recently celebrated her 27th birthday-->Looking HAWT may I add!!!

She celebrated at Mr. Chow's with family and friends. Tyrese, Ne-Yo, and Anthony Hamilton dipped thru to show her some love!

I'd so rock the dress, sans the chain thing!

Keyshia's Birthday Day Wish


Keyshia's third studio album "A Different Me" will be released on December 16, 2008.
God I love me some Keyshia Cole!!

Getcha Kids-->Please

Real LIFE-->Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The kids must be bored as hell in Queens.
These silly ass teenagers were pretending to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they wondered around the sewer shirtless....until their dumbazzes GOT LOST!!

Boy Stop!!

Peep the article (Yeah, they made the paper!!) Daily News

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