Kelis & Nas->Exposed, Election Night

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Weeks ago Wendy Williams yapped on & on about how she had a sex tape featuring a certain rappers wife...but without the rapper- and that she would sell it to the highest bidder. Everyone knew it was Kelis...

The video supposedly shows a sleeping Kelis just after her and underground songwriter/rapper Infared(<-Who??) had sex. On top of just filming Kelis, Infared films a monologue to the camera going at rapper Nas saying "Handle your mother f#*king business. I got your b*&ch here, she getting naked." Infared is also claiming that the encounter took place sometime in before she married Nas in 2005. However other sources are claiming that the encounter took place sometime in late 2006/early 2007.

Infrared, tells Hip Hop Weekly that he enjoyed an “encounter” with Kelis but did not reveal any details about the alleged tape.

“I knew Kelis in the hip hop world, and from clubbin’, hanging out,” said Infrared. “I heard that [sex tape] rumor. I don’t know [if she was married’. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.”

So there's what we be your own judge...Did Kelis cheat on Nas and let some dude keep the footage? Or was this before she was married?

I'm a Kelis fan so....I think Infrared is pulling off a wack ass publicity stunt.

In More Nasir News....

Nas leaked a song entitled Election Night

According to, the song was recorded by Nas and DJ Green Lantern last night (November 3) in Oslo, Norway.

The timely nature of the song is evidenced by Nas referencing Obama's grandmother dying of cancer a day before election day saying that the Democratic candidate "aint even got time to weep."

Peep it out:

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