Music Scope: 2 Pistols, Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj

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It's a relatively slow day in LaLa Land so....I have some fresh leaks for you! And please remember that leaked music will not necessarily be on their next album-->I learned that the hard way with "My Dear"-T.I. ft Ciara(thats my song)..that can be the throwback for today.

2 Pistols ft Lloyd- Let It Go

Kanye West- Pinnochio Story

Lil Wayne- Street Life

Young Chris - Rose From The Gutta

Young Dro ft Young LA- Take Off

Ryan Leslie- How It's Suppose To Be

For My Femcee Lovers:

Nicki Minaj jumped on Single Ladies

And I know this is kinda old but I have to have a fair blend..Rap- male & females, R & B- male & Females.
Keri Hilson ft Akon--Mic Chek

Keri is the Truth..I co-sign her!

Here's the throwback from last winter...My Dear- T.I. ft Ciara

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