Projects I'm Co-Signing For 09 (pt.1)

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Put your Futuristic Scopes on for a moment....I'm about to put my stamp of approval on several things that I feel will take effect in 09.

1.) Young Money is going to take ya'll by storm...Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil on and so forth.

Alot of people are sleepin on Drake & Nicki right now but I guaruntee there are very few artist effin with them right now. They are both talented and versatile--> Rappers/Actors/Singers--> My Stamp of Approval is on that!

And of course-->Weezy gonna do his Wayne!

2.) Of Course I'm Co-Signing my own ish!! 09 is going to be a beast for me..I have alot of really interesting deals on the table and I know something great is going to manifest.-->Roll w/a Biosh!

3.) G-Unit/Shady is going to be smokin in 09(i so don't like 50, but I respect his hustle). G-Unit/Shady gets my stamp of approval because Em, 50, & Dre's projects are going to do well.

I guaruntee- Before I Self Destruct will outsell Curtis
Relapse is going to eff the game Em always does!
And Dre has created another TRUE CLASSIC

There has been alot of hype this past year about the demenished relationships at G-Unit & all publicity-Good or Bad- is still publicity. Look out for Lola being featured like crazy, and a hell of a tour.

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