Weekend Scope: TRL, Eddi Griffin, 50 Cent..etc.

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Happy Monday-->Trendsetters & Go-Getters! Yea I left ya'll high and dry this week-end..but I was beat! Saturday was the 1st Annual Velocity Awards in Washington DC..and you know I had to get my press position on....And for those who are like "WTF is the Velocity Awards??!"

-The Velocity Awards are sponsored by Velocity Magazine and the award show basically gives recognition to the independant artist (Actors, rappers, singers, producers, on-air personalities...) of the DMV(DC, Maryland, Virginia). If you know me, you know I prefer independent music and artist over mainstream, because there is so much culture and hunger in indie music--> so I was in my element! And the show was hawt and well put together.
I'm behaving..so I won't comment on the hot-mess that is Hottie from F.O.L.

But here are some of the things that caught my eye and had me SMH this weekend.

Beyonce was on SNL w/Justin Timberlake

TRL shot its final episode after 10 successful years. I guess if you have to go, why not go willingly and with a BANG!

Comedian, Wanda Sykes came out of the closet in defense of Prop 8. And I salute her for having a cause. So many times people let their celebrity or other peoples perception of them, stop them from doing something truly meaningful.

Ray J is filming a new reality show...I guess he's trying to find love on television.

Eddie Griffin No Likey Paparazzi

Note to the Paps: Black People...from the hood..don't like ya'll! Give'em they space!I love me some Eddie Griffin..he's the effin truth!

Wowzers-->The Roots Are Retiring from touring and will be the house band on NBC's "Late Night" when Jimmy Fallon takes over for current host Conan O'Brien in March 2009.

50 Cent claps back at the Donald and down plays 808's & Heartbreak

At the recent finale of MTV's TRL (Total Request Live), 50 Cent had some things to say about Kanye West's new album and recent comments made by Donald Trump.

50 told MTV that he's heard "808's & Heartbreak" and he only thinks certain people will like it.

"I heard, like, seven songs," 50 said. "There's a place for it. I think people will enjoy it if you're actually in love or going through something. I think Kanye's going through an interesting point in his career. I don't think the public will forgive [Kanye] for it, but it's interesting. I think it's T-Pain's record, but I'd rather buy it from T-Pain."

50 also went on to talk about recent comments made by Donald Trump saying that 50's "The Money and The Power" show was a direct copy of his hit NBC series "The Apprentice."

"Donald Trump talking about my show and how it's a knockoff of 'The Apprentice'? He's crazy!" 50 said. "That's what happens when you get older — you start to view things differently...In this economy, he may want to go sing 'In Da Club' instead of selling real estate!"

50's new album "Before I Self Destruct" is expected to hit stores in early 2009.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't comment on Fitty...SHUT ERP- I think 808's does have a place and it's not a T-Pain album...It's deeper than that! And if he really heard 7 songs or heard any of T-Pain's albums..like I have..you wouldn't even label it that way.

And that's the Weekend Scope folks...

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Anonymous Says :
November 17, 2008 at 11:14 AM

Eddie Griffin-HILARIOUS...Leav Mike Alone, and that I agree...

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