Celeb VLoggs: Diddy, JD, Joe Budden

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Making The Producer- Episode 1
Diddy & T-Pain

This nucca Diddy NEVER quits!!! Watch this be his next reality show....

Living The Life- Live W/ Common In LA
JD & Common

JD started a new website-->Global14.com. It's supposed to be all things JD.*yawn, stretch...NEXT!!!*

Joe Budden
I know this isn't a Joe Budden TV post...but Joey is a VLogg star... in my mind! I mean really, how long has it been since he had a hit???
This is his interview with ThisIs50 entitled Fuck HipHop.

And this for all my people in NOLA ppl....
Sissy Nobby has a feature on her youtube called ASK NOBELLA.

And you can even submit anonymously on her myspace. So get ya'll questions in because Nobby is a fool!<--that was an inspirational moment...do I sense a "Sock It 2 Shasta" in the future...maybe so....

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