Ushmeka Drops the Load & Behind The Scenes w/Beyonce'

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Hey dudes....its a snowy day in my hometown, lol!!! I'm laughing now but it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. :(

Well anyway, Nothing hella interesting has accummalted as of yet.

But congratulations to Urshmeka on the birth of their little boy yesterday.

Here's some behind the scenes footage of Beyonce's fierce GIANT Magazine spread.

Did ya'll know there is a whole website dedicated to hating on Beyonce! They talk about her ears,feet and all types of stalker type shit.These lames even started a petition to stop Beyonce from singing at the Inauguration. And even one of the most noted bloggers mentioned it was her favorite site!<-Bish please! Now I don't clit ride no one, but your a bad bish if ho's have an "I hate you" website. Gosh I'm aiming to get mine...hatings hard why are these lames doing it for free?

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