I'd Wrock It- Wednesday->A Day Late

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Since I totally forgot to do I'd Wrock It yesterday...we'll just pretend its Wednesday :D

Adidas is turning 60 in 2k9. The long-time hip-hop supporters will be launching their first ever U.S. TV advertising campaign featuring Young Jeezy, Method Man, DMC, Missy Elliott and even Russell Simmons to star in them. The campaign will run a series of 30 and 60 second spots all focused around meeting together for a big pool party.

Here are some snippets:

And the commercial:
Adidas Originals Celebrates 60 Years of Soles & Stripes

Here are some kodaks from the print campaign:

Stay with me now...I know some of you are scratching your head like "What does this have to do with I'd Wrock It?"

Also as a tribute to 60 years in the game, Adidas is releasing the Diamond Pack. The Diamond Pack is Limited Edition and will be released December 13th, 2008.
And unfortunately, these are the ONLY flicks available. I searched in Chinese and all!

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