TGIF: Totally Irrelevant Ish!

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TGIF!! I told myself I wasn't going to post today because I was exhausted..and there isn't anything relevant going on...but I changed my mind.

Ya'll know I don't do paparazzi post (i.e Rihanna scratched her ass at the airport, Beyonce had a booger in her left nostril), But I'm a youtube fiend!

Here's some footage from Ciara: Making Of The Album Artwork

Cool consept for Ci-Ci..praise the lawd Super C is not another alter ego! I'm gonna slam the next celeb alter ego....verbally!

The Mogul, formely known as Diddy,<-kidding, was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Diddy's always very entertaining!

RMFL.... Diddy air

Oh, snap! Charles Hamilton went in on Soulja Boy...I just called him a PPMF(Punk,P*ssy,Mother Fugger) for letting lil Crank Dat diss him and he runs
and hides in the corner.
Charlie blogged about the episode and he left a note to the "thirsty a$$ bloggers" *looking around*, that this is not beef.
Soulja don't listen to 50. Don't let 50 be the reason you get seriously ethered. I found the Mario mushroom joke to be hilarious, thought you coulda been funnier, but don't try to like, rap against me. Not wise on your part.

I'm a musician. We do these things.

That, plus now a seven-digit amount of people are watchin this unfold
Soulja Boy is gonna be on the cover of XXL supposedly in the next month. Has an album dropping 12/16. This has got to be a dream come true for someone who's lyrical capabilities are that of a Blackberry without a battery, SIM card or buttons to push. And I TOTALLY respect his money makin hustle.

He also cracked a funny one...."I'm like you a year ago, with talent!"


Note to Charlie: It's not about beef sweetie! It's about good sportsmanship. And in this game you don't ball up, you bust back...So please ETHER him!

And the latest celeb victim of the recession is T-Boz. Her Atlanta home is set to go up for auction in January. No worries, she still has a house Dallas.

In more bullish beef, an obviously high, Max B says he's got it with all of Dipset.

"Shout Outs To That Snitch Nicca, Freekey Zekey." lmao...leave the drugs alone B!


Check the Travis Barker remix of Jockin Jay-Z...Totally Hot


In my constant effort to NEW ORLEANS-IZE <-yeah, I made that up-> the world, here's a Throwback Joint that is Notorious in the N.O.


Bounce Music has influenced some of your favorite mainstream artist, whether or not they admit it. Beyonce's Get Me Bodied, Mike Jones Drop In Gimme 50, Ying Yang Twins Salt Shaker, and a whole buch of other fuggers. For more bounce history click here.

Kanye performed Heartless on Kimmel


I know I'm late as a mo fo but, I saw his video for the first time yesterday. And I must confess, She Is The Truth & The Future.
Janelle Monae - "Many Moons"

Think about it, genres are blending which will soon lead to an industry where rockers can rap, rappers can play multiple instruments..and you better be able to dance!

Well that's all of the totally random ish I have for ya'll today. Happy Birthday to my P~N~C Treysun Da Kid & Lalo!

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