The Greatest Kanye-isms

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Happy Monday!!!*Royal Wave*.
..So I dropped my pen-->I didn't write anything this whole weekend. Well, lets just say I was wasted and I couldn't get up....but I'm back like I never left before!

This had to be the funniest thing I've seen in days. So, I decided to share with you, my friends. :)

The folks over at The Urban Daily comprised a list of Kanye West's Best Tantrums.

Even if he never sells another record, Kanye West will go down in history as one of the most insane passionate artists of our generation. Peep some of his most memorable meltdowns.

5. Kanye With Mike Myers After Hurricane Katrina
Quotable: “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people…”

Ballsiest move by a rapper-ever. I doubt even Chuck D would have gone there under similar circumstances.

4.)Kanye West Crashing Stage After Losing Video Of The Year

Quotable: “This video cost a million dollars, fam! I had Pamela Anderson and shit! If I don’t win the Awards show loses credibility.”

I’d be mad too if I got sued by the real Evil Knievel and STILL lost

3.) Wigs Out On The Radio

Quotable: “I’m talkin’ man! You keep on cuttin’ me off!”

Even I gotta admit, dude was mad annoying.

2.)Takin’ On the Paparazzi At The Airport

Quotable:“I told you not to take no pictures!”

Dude got a warning...

But he didn’t listen…

1.)Fan Throws Penny On Stage At Concert

Quotable: “What if that shit had hit me in my pretty ass face?…Eat shit and dieeee”

Ad-libbing in autotune has to be the funniest. Ish. Ever.


Tell Em Why You Mad, son

“I’m gonna be chartin with these ni**as. I’m gonna come out #1!”

Well, he turned out to be right…

That was a great list, but my order would have been a little different. Gosh, ain't life grand with so many Kanye-isms!

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