Beef Must Just Be The Biznez

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Beef must just be the biznez. Don't you think? Any new artist that wants to get on, disses an established artist, in hopes of getting a public response. And sometimes, established artist, like 50, take shots at any and everybody right before his album drops. Which leads me to believe that, Beef Must Just Be The Biznez!

On Friday, I left you all with the cliff hanger on Soulja Boy & Charles Hamilton's Non Beef. Check the archives if you missed it. For the sake of keeping myself entertained, I've labled this Battle Of The Toons. And to all those people who say I'm a Mean Girl- I am not dissing (carrying) anyone!

Well Charlie has responded in his own, next generation, wierd ass way....


Really light hearted...cute and catchy. But I think he can go harder than that- and given that Soulja Boy responds to everything---he's gonna have to.


If you didn't know, Grandhustle wasn't the only click to have a scuffle at the Dirty Awards, Jeezy's people brawled out with LA The Darkman nem, which is DJ Drama's people. However, Drama says he doesn't have beef with Jeezy, even though Jeezy said Ef Him.

Anyway, here's Darkman's Jeezy Diss:

Like Thunder


At a news conference this weekend, an Iraqi reporter, hummed two shoes at Pres. Bush. If that ain't beef, I don't know what is.

Darn, that old geezer has some pretty good

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