Where Ya Been: He's Back......

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Every now and then, I do this thing called Where Ya Been. Its when I feature a person whose been out of the lime light for a while. And today's Where Ya Been is no different.

Those who know me, know that I am a an adamant T.I. stan. And if anyone takes shots at him they are automatically on my sh*t list(i.e.Shawty Lo). But I was so torn when him and another southern rapper were beefing because I liked both of them. I felt as if I was dead smack in the middle of the Atlanta/Houston beef. Because I was-NOLA, DUH! *giggles*

Okay, if you haven't caught on to who I am referring to yet- you are so not Hip Hop HAWT! None other than Houston rapper, Lil Flip aka The Freestyle King. Many say Tip ethered Flips career, because after their beef, Flip didn't release another album. I just don't speak on it. But in my opinion, Flip is one of the most underrated rappers hailing from the South. And needless to say, its no secret in the South that Flip balls out. But Where Ya Been Lil Flipper...

Flip Gate$ | Shows Over 1 Million In Jewelry

Well, what better time is there for Lil Flip to stage a comeback. His name recently came up in the Shawty Lo/T.I. beef, and T.I. is about to sit down for a year in March, so the spotlight can undoubtedly, be all his. Ironically, *sarcastically stated* Flips album, Ahead Of My Time, is scheduled to be released March 2009. And he is in the process of shooting a video for his leading single, Deep In The South.

Behind the scenes of Deep In The South pt 1

All I can say is 2009 is going to be on shine!

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