Kanye Responds To Colbert

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I'm sure many of you are already aware of Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert's "Operation Humble Kanye". If not here's the footage:

Colbert would like everyone to purchase his Christmas album on iTunes tomorrow before Kanye West's head gets any bigger.<- His words, not mine!

In the midst of all this internet contraversy, Kanye responded via Twitter. Twitter is a online social tool used to display short messages.

And my twitter friends responded to him:

@kanyewest I think I saw u in a picture with him. Love the album lol about hours ago from TwitterBerry in reply to kanyewest

oh lawd!!!! what has Stephen Colbert done to @kanye west!!!????!!!!???

Twitter...the latest crave! Twit w/all your favorite celebs: Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Shaquille O'Neal & Kanye West.

And me-->twitter.com/shastabrown

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