Urban Legends: Welcome 2 Rumorville

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Ya'll know I don't entertain the rumors...however by popular demand, I shall and we'll call them Urban Legends. So

Welcome to Rumorville Bishes!!

Disclaimer: All of the following are rumors, hearsay, and may or maynot be 100% factual.

The 3rd Knowles sister, Kelly Rowland, is seeking new management.In other words, Ms. Kelly has fired Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's pappy. Kelly is currently being linked to 19 Ent's Simon Fuller, who also manages Carrie Underwood and Victoria Beckham. Word at the water cooler is, Kelly is tired of playing 2nd best to Beyonce. But she should have been left...Matthew Knowles killed Jon B.'s career. Jon was signed to Matty's record label, Sanctuary Urban Records and sold a quarter of what he usually does.

Janet Jackson did infact cease her tour because she and JD are withchild.
Personally I would love to see Janet pregnant. After all the ol clock is ticking- she ain't gettin any younger.

JR Writer of Dipset got his chain snatched.
Which he denies:

I really don't give a eff. Who the eff is he anyway?

Soulja Boy & Nick Cannon are creating a new Nickolodeon Sitcom.
Well it would suit them right because both of them are lame as sh*t.

A.I. and Deelishes are dating.
Deelishes is no longer engaged, and she was recently seen clubbin with A.I.->who I heard was married, w/a small "ego".<--See why I don't entertain rumors, that ish is all screwed up. But rumor has it that her liason with Iverson caused her relationship to fail.

LL Cool J gets botox.

I could almost believe this one, because his skin has been looking kinda tight lately. And he's old as Methusula, looking younger than me.

Lil Wayne, Young Buck & The Game join forces to diss 50 Cent

Wait...I'm still LMAO...No Comment

Destiny's Child is reuniting...on stage
Gimme a break...Beyonce loves being a solo star..dismissed

Kanye West refuses to work with Jamie Foxx

Rumor has it, that at a certain award show a few years back...back when Kanye wasn't so humble and giving awards away and sh*t...he rambled on and on about desrving the award he had just won and Jamie Foxx held a fan on him the entire time. And backstage Jamie jokingly made a statement about someone had to cool that nicca off. Kanye was supposedly offended...And the two haven't worked together since.

Jamie Foxx, Akon, & Diddy all want to be James Bond.

Now that is three seperate rumors...O & Nicole S. from the Pussycat Dolls is the Bond Girl. Good Luck Akon..It's James Bond..not out on bond.
Speaking of bonds...Me personally, I think Tip would make a cute Bond...That brotha can work a suit!

MC Lyte is gonna come out the closet
Bish please!!When Ne-Yo & Queen Latifah join her! dismissed

106 & Park is next to be cancelled.
Now this one is semi believable because its time for a new line up. Every generation has those show and those personalities that mark their era...and its about time for some original show ideas...The Deal is aight but it ain't IT.

Rumor has it that New York, Kelis, and Mariah Carey are all pregnant!
1st of all...who cares if New York is pregnant..ugh I don't! But Kelis in Mariah are in the same category as Janet....Mariah's gettin old, so Nick needs to knock her up right quick. And Kelis is my girl..so I'd be happy for her and Nasir.

Well that does it for the Urban Legends. And we are now leaving Rumorville..Just remember "You Ain't Heard That From Me..Cuz I Ain't One To Gossip!!".

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