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Today is one the most eventful days. So I've been youtube-ing and came up with some irrelevant but interesting ish.

Don't call it a comeback...three R&B songtress', all labeled as one hit wonders are slating for Spring 2009 release dates for their upcoming albums.

Christina Milian, who covers 1/2 of this months, flip issue, of Rap Up is set to release her forth project via Myspace Records.
I so didn't know she had three albums.....pssp..2 were over seas though!

Letoya Luckett will be following up with her sophmore LP- Lady Love.

And Tierra Mari is attepmting to break back on the scene. Check out her new single- "Built For This"

Of the three, I am really hoping T.Mari has better luck this time. I am still rockin "U Said".

Tierra Mari - U Said

One of my favorite Rappers...Jeezy gave some donations to a school.

Behind the scenes of Bow Wow's upcoming video...*blank stare*

Notorius the movie comes out 1.16.2009 and the cast and crew recently did a photoshoot w/GIANT magazine.

Soulja Boy's trynna sell some more he's apologizing for cursing!(nucca please)

Tyga's says his album's coming soon...(I so don't care)

Lola- Boss Bitch

Oh..And see if you can spot me in this video...This is from the V.I.P B-Day

Hood shot..indeed!

Well thats the end of Totally Irrelevant Sh*t! Holla...

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