O'Reilly Knocks M.P.I.B Remix

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As pride emerged from nearly every Obama supporter, Rappers Jay-Z & Young Jeezy expressed theirs in a performance Sunday night that quickly flooded the internet in days following. CNN Correspondent, Bill O'Reilly is less than flattered by the remix to the hood anthem- My President Is Black.

Apparently, he nor Mr. Miller voted for Barack. Nor did they grow up black in America. According to Bill O'Reilly nobody cares about these two. Just listen to these foegies rant, praise Bush, and slander Jay-Z and Jeezy.

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

You and Mr. Miller can kiss my grits. You both are clearly not intouch with reality. The administration you praise, not only, caused pain and suffering amongst the black community, but the whole country. So I agree with Jay-Z/Jeezy. And I also don't appreciate how you distorted the audio to display the profanity and not the complete message and energy of the song.

P.S. You all can kick rocks with Bush.....Bish!

- Shasta B.

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