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In my efforts to assist the entire Hip Hop Nation to gravitate towards Twitter, I forgot to issue twitter etiquette. And due to my forgetfulness, an up and coming artist has been caught in the cross- DC's own, Wale.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. <-That's there definition. For me Twitter is a way of thinking out loud with the world, or a select few, watching. It is the answer to the question- What are you doing? However, in the wrong hands your random thoughts on a public platform can be a bad idea, as Wale learned.

I'm going to set the tone for us, so I won't be seen as bias. Imagine your a new artist- you've toured over seas, have a publicist on both coast, and have been flooded with interviews recently. Some redundant and some refreshingly entertaining but at any rate because you have done this so much it becomes more like a job to you.
Now your preparing for your 9th interview of the day- what do you do? DUH!!! Twit your thoughts! And that's exactly what Wale did before his interview with well known UK Disc Jockey, DJ Semtex.

The only problem was- DJ Semtex was following Wale on twitter, so he received the twit before the interview!
(In Martin's Voice)Damn! Damn! Damn Gena!
Which resulted in a bunch of twitter chaos, a less than stellar interview, and an article on Semtex's personal blog.

For you Wale, my friend, I am re-issuing the Twitterquette= etiquette + Twitter!
(And I tweaked it because it was rather lame)

1. Never send more than 140 characters.

2. Never Tweet more than five times a day. First, a “Tweet” is a Twitter message

3. Never follow more than 300 people. Why is this a rule? Because if you follow 5,700 people, like I do, then you’ll be tempted to answer lots of those Tweets, which will put you in danger of breaking #2.

4. Never follow anyone who isn’t your “real” friend. This will help you keep your friends’ list down to less than 300, which will keep you from breaking rule #2.

5. Don’t assume other people are having the same experience you are. My experience with Twitter? I get 20 new Tweets inbound EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. It’s like a 24/7 chat room for me. But for you? Most of you only follow 30 people, so to you it’s more akin to instant messaging with just your friends. If you subscribe to a noisy jerk, like me, you’ll get overrun. Me? I just tell my friends who complain that they don’t have enough friends. :-)

6. Don’t post thoughts across multiple Tweets (see #1).

7. The Twitter question is “what are we doing?” It’s NOT “what do you think about XXXX?”

8. Follow one person for every 10 who follows you.

9. If other people are telling you you’re spamming, you should listen to them. Me? I tell them to screw off. Why? Because if I’m being too noisy then there’s a little button called “unfollow.”

10. Don’t put things on Twitter that you don't want the world to know!


As you can see new best friend, Wale, you broke several rules of the Twitterquette- as we all do- but your in the limelight, so it matters. And don't worry buddy, not only will I post this on this blog but the other sites I write for as well- just so others won't make the same mistake!

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