Welcome 2 Rumorville: Homewrecking, Wedding Bells & Hateration

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This weeks Rumorville is very, very interesting! Not to mention JUICY!!
Disclaimer: All of the following are rumors, hearsay, and may or may not be 100% factual.

First off, Kanye' is feeling himself...again! Lastweek, he blasted the media once again exclaiming- "Just Let Me Be Great!" Multiple source, including the New York Daily News, are reporting a false statement which alleges Kanye said he would mind doing Bi-Porn. A statement Kanye says is 100% false and insulting.

This week Kanye put out this video blog and would like to be acknowledged as Martin Louis The King, Jr. Check the vid:

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

“I know I’ve been called the Louis Vuitton Don, I know, I’ve been called a lot of names, uh mostly The Don, the Louis Vuitton Don — due to what happened — when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name, to, Martin Louis The King, Jr. Address me as such. And until then, I will be in the building, swagger on a hundred thousand trillion.”

“Overwhelming — I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer my entire life,” West said to the Los Angeles Times after seeing his kicks on the runway. “And to see my stuff in the Vuitton show was something else. It was a dream come true. And the way those guys were styled — they were dressed better than me!”

If you didn't know, Mr. West designed his own shoe for Louie, which premiered last week.
Speaking of Kanye....

In a recent interview with DJ Skee The Dream speaks on collaborating with Kanye & beefing with Weezy!


Guess who isn't speaking on Weezy??????.....His ex, Trina!

Kenyon & Trina Engaged!

Rumors are flooding the net that NBA Star, Kenyon Martin and his girlfriend/rapper, Trina are officially engaged. The two have been dating about a year or so.


Alicia Keys Homewrecking

Abilities were put on blast. Swizz Beatz ex-wife Mashonda had never really confirmed or denied the rumors of A.Keys destroying her marriage. But in her recent interview on Lip Service, Mashonda opened up.


Speaking Of Homewrecking......Lisa Raye Gave Esscence details on her divorce:

ESSENCE.COM: Many balked at your whirlwind romance and marriage and accused you of being an opportunist. How do you feel about that assessment of your character?
LISARAYE: First of all, I'm a fan of love and partnership. I would say this to my critics: If a man comes to you there obviously has to be a connection. I had a man who's smart and powerful and who I fell in love with. He's embracing my family. Add the fact that I have an opportunity to bring tourism to his country and be involved in something historical. Who in the hell would say no? But what scared me was the idea of being First Lady?
ESSENCE.COM: Bloggers have often said that you're too "ghetto" to be a First Lady. How does that make you feel?
LISARAYE: I am not and never grew up in the ghetto. People need to get it right. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. What people don't realize is that my father was a multimillionaire who owned 12 hotels, motels, a steel mill, a radio station, a club, nursing home, and a law office. So I think it's safe to say I'm a little above middle class and I'm a daddy's girl. I make no apologies for loving the finer things in life or the men I choose to date. I don't feel bad about the person I am. Now, I do have an edge, rawness and realness, and I can tell you I'm going to keep that. I'm one of those women who's not to be messed with. I'm very opinionated and boisterous at times. I'm also kind and humble. I know when to fold and when to hold and that's important. If my edge scares you, then you have a choice to remove yourself. Other than that, I'm very approachable, and when people meet me they always say, "You are so down to earth and nothing like I thought you were."

ESSENCE.COM: Some people will wonder why you chose to speak out now.
LISARAYE: I could have talked a long time ago and been pouring salt on my husband, but that's not my style. He has enough he's dealing with. I was trying to bow out gracefully, but I couldn't take it any more. I want to let my people who care about me know what's going on. I have never been that type of celebrity where folks are following me and care what's going on in my personal life. Again, I'm doing fine and I'm going to get through this.


In case you don't understand why this is under homewrecking....Lisa caught her husband in the company of Rocsi of 106 & Park, the two were seperated at that time. But shortly after that incident preceded to divorce.


Dancing With The Devil- the Diddy tell-all!

That's right! After years of speculation into the shady business practices of rap mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs, a former artist, Mark Curry, is releasing a tell all book next month. The book is entitled "Dancing With The Devil- How Puff Burned The Bad Boys Of Hip Hop"

Here are the details:

“Welcome to Bad Boy, where dreams come true,” Sean Combs said as we shook hands over lunch in March 1997. The record producer spent the next hour telling me how impressive my rapping skills were, how soon he planned to release my debut album, and that my personal wealth would soon be in the seven-figure range. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

Today, after years of writing hit records for Combs, I am no closer to having my first album released by Bad Boy Entertainment than I was when we signed the contract. Combs cajoled, hoodwinked and bamboozled me for nearly a decade. In the end, which for me came in 2005, I realized that I had to leave the label and its illusions of wealth in order to save my career, my marriage, my mind and my soul.

Dancing with the Devil reveals startling new details about key events in the fast-paced, controversial, and sometimes deadly world of hip-hop music. In revealing the dark side of the industry, Curry hopes to provide a road map for reforms needed before more artist end up in poverty, in prison, or in the grave.

Let see if the mighty hand that is Diddy will allow his name to be slandered!

Although the allegations aren't suprising, it is quite suprising that someone would actually speak up and get around that good ol "Confidentiality Agreement".....Hmmmm? This is definetly a Must Read.

For mor details and to preview the book click here.


In More Bad Boy News....

Diddy finally stopped pretending as if there were a Danity Kane.
Dawn is OFFICIALLY SOLO and Aundrea was released from her contract. After months of the run-around, and denying reports Danity Kane has been disbanded.


The Source Magazine IS BROKE!!!

Months following emails and threats from former contributors (including Super Head) who weren't paid for their work, The Source Magazine's assets are being liquidated this week.

Once crowned, Hip Hops Bible, The Source is BROKE!

Well that's all folks!! And since I ain't one to gossip, you ain't heard that from me!

Got rumors or tips email me at shasta.brown@ymail.com

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